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16 channel wifi relay module Hi-Link HLK-SW16



I’m wondering if someone has the skills and time to write an app for this device:

Hi-Link HLK-SW16(board) + HLK-RM04-E Module(wifi module)

This is a relay module with 16 channels that are controlled seperatly, is this feasable or not possible at all?

I want to control all my ceiling spots seperatly or all at once.

Link to the product, also available on aliexpres:



To be honest, I would go for a zigbee, zwave or wifi variant for this and don’t use a 433 controller. It will be more expensive but the saying is probably true : you get what you pay for… Zwave, Zigbee and wifi are more reliable then 433…


:thinking: To description is also talking about wifi… Then it’s just http-calls I’d say…

But strange, it’s also talking about 433 Mhz:




hmm strange, the module placed on the board is wifi module. As far as I know there is no 433 MHz module. WiFi is fine for my use, z-wave or zigbee would be a possibility but for 40 USD this is a cheap solution if it works.