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21% taxes on products of Ali, WISH, BangGood etc

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Alle producten van Aliexpress kosten vanaf 2021 minimaal 21% meer - tipsvoorjou.com

Changes with effect from 1 July 2021 (delayed due to COVID crisis). Exemption on importation for small consignments (22 euro) will be abolished, new VAT rules on supplies from non-EU countries will enter into effect. Local VAT will be due (either on the supply or on the importation). Rather complex set of rules, but this sums it up.

every order will be charged with VAT and very small orders will have a extra handling fee

Thank you !
There you go )

So who will charge the VAT? Ali, or when it passes customs? Because I can imagine when customs has to do it they’ll throw a processing fee on top like they do now for items over 22€.
So you order a 2€ part, which is 2.42€ with VAT, and then they charge you an extra 12€ for the processing fee. :unamused: