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3-phase energy meter

Is there any 3-phase energy meter supported by Homey in any app? I know that Qubino has the 1-phase version which is supported with problems, but haven’t seen any 3-phase meter mentioned.

Yes i have two if these, they work perfekt

Aeotec Home Energy Meter gen2 ZW095-C works very good for me :+1:

Gen5 is working perfect at you?

read / track the link I posted ?

Although the HEM with three pliers is not in the device list, it is recognized. A functionless tile is created but the actual HEM tile works perfectly.

Yes, i do it now.

Do you copiis use the official aeotec app from the app store (version 2.0.29) or the revised version (from version 2.0.17) from github made by kevinhab?

I have a problem that I need to use nano switch never version which is supported from version 2.0.20 forward. But if the 3-phase meter is not working with the official app I’m stuck.