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4 gang Zigbee Tuya switch doesn't exist "Unkown Device"

Hi All,

I bought a 4 gang switch from Aliexpress a while ago. I wanted to install this in the Homey app. There is no option with 4 Gang switch. When I try to add as a Zigbee device it says “Unkown device”. I have the option with turn off/on but it doesn’t do anything. Can someone help me?

P.s. I can’t add it in Smart Life. Don’t have a Tuya gateway. I Rather use Homey only.

This is the product: 4 Gang Tuya ZigBee Wireless 12 Scene Switch Push Button Controller By battery 2MQTT Setup Automation Scenario for Tuya Devices|Smart Remote Control| - AliExpress

Especially read the first post.


In the test version there is a 4 Gang device but still adds it as a “unkown device”. I guess Johan is still working on these devices. Is there anything other I can do than wait on finished version of new Tuya app?

The way Homey works doesn’t allow “generic 4-gang switch device” support to be implemented, each device make/model/submodel needs to get a specific implementation. Yours probably just isn’t supported yet; you can follow the instructions in the first post to get the interview data for your device and see if it’s mentioned in the list of requested devices. If not, post the interview data as pointed out.


I was talking with the developer and indeed this is a future implementation and is not available yet. Thank you for your time :slight_smile: