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868,3 MHz 4 position remote


Does anybody know if there is an app available to teach Homey the buttons off a 868,3 MHz remote control? I have a Orcon mechanical home ventilation which can only be controlled in 4 settings RF remote and would like to integrate the ventilation into my home automation.



search https://apps.athom.com/
if it is not there, it does not exist (yet).



Asak there is not yet an app for.

I guess I have the same ventilation and remote,
I tried to learn the signal but could not get a correct signal definition.
It also looks like it is a two way system where the vents give a acknowledge back to the remote where that lights a lead for a second.

I want to give it a new try with the new RF firmware from 1.5.13 but will be maybe later as I already have some other projects.
Not sure the remote uses the correct modulation for good support from Homey.




It is great that you are willing to give it another go. I am not in a rush so will wait for a while. My other option is to downgrade my vent from the rh version to the standard p version (pyrex 3way switch) and use a double rf switch for the medium and high position, of course this means that i also have to replace the cicuitboard of the vent

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I once had the idea to integrate my signal analyzing project into an app. This app could learn RF signals and automatically create a signal definition for them. Like a general remote for RF. Don’t know if it’s even possible. The project went down on my todo/wish list.



Thats sounds great!
Vote +1 for creating an app like that



Well…I’m affraid it will not be me anytime soon. I’m kind of in the middle of something else right now. Anybody who would like to create such a general RF remote app, has my full support.



Well one of my 2019 newyears resolutions was: try to make my own app to read out my 868,3mhz pir sensors from my alarm system so I could use them in a flow.
I already used your signal analyzer last year to read out my sensors, but the last time I wrote some software is many years agoo so thats were it ended :unamused:

Any tips on how to start for creating an app (real basic)



What I did was: pick one of the popular (Athom) apps meeting most of your demands (search the app store).
Clone the repo from github and strip it to leave only those things u need.
I started with the KlikAanKlikUit repo.