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Access from any desktop (Mac or PC) in 2.0?


New Homey’s don’t have microphone’s and NFC chips in them but more important: they come with V2.0 pre-installed.


I know, that’s why I wrote old stock :wink:


I have a Homey on 1.5.13 that I am about to upgrade to v2.0. If we can work something out that doesn’t cost me I’ll happily swap it with you for a v2 Homey (as long as it is pre 2019). Or a Homey Pro and I’ll send you 100€ &+ some negotiable extra + free shipping or something.

Unfortunately I am in the UK so postage will be slightly more awkward

  • but get in there before Brexit :cry::cry::sob::sob:

Hi there. You can only run android on an emulator. There is no emulator for IOS for a windows pc. I have used Big Nox (https://www.bignox.com) and BlueStacks (https://www.bluestacks.com). I have not tested this for Homey yet, but prefer BlueStacks, faster and less lag.

The IOS app for 2.0 is a huge improvement from 1.5, but I really hope they will work on a windows app for 2.0. A phone app can never beat a 27" pc screen when you do setup or maintenance on your system.


Flows, Scripts, and Insights are all available directly upon any desktop from with in a browser.

Fantastic for maintenance and setup.