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Action LSC Smart Connect

I received some feedback from the developer. When you add a new device you should not enter an IP, only the ID and key.

I added the devices again in Homey and it works, thanks!

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Thanks i have also tryed this but for me it dint work :frowning:
I will also contact the developer thanks!

Sorry for late reaction. Can you send screenprints of the device settings in Tuya/Smartlife mobile app and also for Homey? I will have to investigate this further.

I looked deeper in your error message and found out that this error also is reported on Home assistant forum. There is been a change in the API to support newer devices. The screenprints would still help to solve the error, I can’t reproduce it on my environment.

Thanks for your replay, I installed the tuya cloud app again (2 times this week) on my homey and for now it’s solved, I realy like your app more then the tuya app btw :blush:

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If the problem will happen again I will make screenshots!

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Good tot hear it’s solved now. :+1:


I have the same problem as Wolter.

I went through all the steps, but he is not available in the homey app.

help me please, haha:smiley:

Wolter is using the Tuya app for local connection, which app are you using? The app I made is using the Tuya cloud.

I am using this one…

Thats the local Tuya app made by Rens Brandwijk. But Wolter last answere was to remove and add the device again, but without IP, only ID and key. If this is not working for you, you could try to contact Rens Brandwijk.

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And now the cloud app also available in the App-Store!


Yes it is! bought a couple of these very cheap leds, installed the tuya app on my phone, configured the leds, configured the tuya cloud app in Homey, logged in through my tuya account and was able to fully control the lsc smart leds through homey! you can even sync to automation/scenes made in the tuya phone app… grrrrrrreat work, many thanks!!

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Special thanks to Jurgen.

Very nice work…



And offcourse all credits goes to @Jurgen_Heine , i am just the propper promoting his very nice work on this.


Nice, good work! This makes it a lot easier to connect LSC devices (and more)

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Yes many thanks to @Jurgen_Heine!! best feature is that ‘moods’ can be used in Homey from the TUYA cloud… really nice!


i just bought 3 light bulbs at our local action shop. Took me a little bit of reading because i started reading at the top :joy:. I the mean while a lot changed and also took the wrong tua app at first. You need the tua cloud instead of the tua app. However it works perfectly now after adding it into the tua cloud app it instantly shows in homey. Vrry happy again with yet some more lights for very little money.

great :smile: :smile:

Hi Jurgen,
When trying to login to the Tuya Cloud app I get the below error message (and i’m using the correct login details).

Any idea what could be the cause of this?

Hello Rikjes,

Did you install the last Tuya app on Homey ?

Please reinstall it first and try it again with the good one. Be sure of using the good app on Google or Apple store too

Hope it works than for you it works for me :slight_smile: