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Add a "Homey Z-Wave" unit, what will work?

New to Homey and have a question that I hope someone can help me with.

I have a z-wave unit that isn’t supported by any app, it is a Everspring Siren SE812.

So it cant be added to the Homey using the Everspring app or any other App. But see that you can chose Homey as a “Brand” when adding devices and then chose “Z-Wave”. Could I add it through this and if that works what will actually work when it is added (Just need basic support to turn it on and off).

It should work with generic zwave commands only = ON and OFF. So far I didn’t find a zwave device that would not work like this in Homey.

As it is a siren I am not sure basic on/off would work? (Dont have any sirens)

But you can always try adding it under Homey -> generic z wave.
And if that fails creating an app is not that hard so you might wanna give that a shot…

Can confirm that. Have two Nexa sirens without app support, but works with Homey generic Z-wave. Like it says above, on/off no problem!


Do suspect that the Nexa Siren you have is the same as the Everspring Siren that I have as a lot of Nexa´s z-wave devices actually are Everspring devices.

Thx, will check that out! Doubt I will change anything since it actually works with generic.