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Add Philips Hue device...... hue bridge or directly to Homey?

Hi Guys,
thank’s for support!!!

i’m a new homey users and i would like add Philips HUE system to homey, but question is:

better to add HUE philips bridge so i can control light etc from this integration…
connect HUE philips lump directly ?

interoperability with flow?

thanks and sorry for my english…


It is personal. I use the bridge. Apparently it has a better range than Homey. Also, firmware updates happen with Hue (not so much with Innr for example). Homey cannot install these updates. I like to connect my switches to lights in Hue instead of Homey. It would mean a lot of flows if I move everything to Homey.

A reason to connect to Homey directly is if you want a single mesh network for all your Zigbee devices (Hue and others). Another reason might be if you dont want to share/send data to Philips, you don have to use the bridge. Last but not least: Homey can function without internet, whereas the Hue app requires your bridge to be connected tot the internet.

I would suggest to use the search, question is asked several times.

And what @rampage already mentiond its personal. Im using the directly wwithout the hue bridge

Homey z-wave/zigbee wireless performance is not very good at best - which is why there is a gigantic “modify your homey antenna” thread…

I tried Hue first through Homey - nothing but trouble.

I then bought the Hue Bridge - and it just works. Never miss a beat.

I sold the bridge…and I had to buy it back for different reasons (compatibility of the Outdoor Motion Sensor, scene management, update of Hue devices, etc.). Homey’s goal is clearly not to use bridges, but for Philips Hue I strongly recommend the bridge. I speak after several months of experience.

Thanks to all, i just integrate HUE Bridge into Homey , and all works fine without any issue…