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Add sensors to Insights


I have a lot of sensors, and they show up fine in Insights.
I hade one that I moved, and did not want the historical data from the old position to the new, so I looked for a way to clear the history for that one.
I pressed the Trash up in the right corner, assuming I was just clearing the log, but it deleted the sensor from Insight completly, so I cannot see it there any more.
The sensor is still there and works fine within Homey, and give me temperatures there, and works in my flows, but I cannot se it in Insights.
Is there a way to get it back?


There’s a similar question in the Dutch category here: Apparaat verwijderd uit Insights. Hoe krijg ik die terug?

Sadly, no answer yet :frowning:


I do not read Dutch, so hopefully somone answers here :-).


Dunno when u deleted the sensor but it sounds to me it should be back tomorrow. Just to test i deleted 1 “log” meself and will see if it gets back tomorrow.


Yes, my thoughts were also that when it has reported for a while it will come back, but it have not yet.
Deleted the log during wednesday, and today its friday, and it is not back.
I could of course delete the sensor in Homey, and add it back in again, and see if it shows up in Insights then, but I have it in a couple of flows, and if I delete the sensor, I have to go in every flow that is is in, and re-add it there I assume.
So if you come up to any idea to get a deleted log into Insight again, I will try :-).
If I dont hear anything within a while, I will maybe try and delete it in Homey :-).


The sensor’s log will be back when a new value has been reported.

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In that case i deleted the wrong log haha. Its the power meter log from a plug which uses like 0,5 watt a day.


My sensor, that is a tempature sensor, reports all the time. I can see it in the Homey app. I also have a flow that sets that temp as a variable, so I can se that it is reporting and changing.
But the sensor do not show up in Insights again.
Am I doing something wrong?


Try restarting Homey, or restart the device’s app. That should re-create the Insights log.


Thanks Emile!
Restart of the app helped!
Now its reporting in Insights again.


Wyrd tho that an update of Homey did not bring this log back while a restart of the Fibaro app did. Gonna have to check on a normal reboot.

Edit: Reboot Homey also confirmed bringing back the deleted log.