Add Sonos "fade to volume" instead of "set volume"


I have just gotten a Sonos Play:1, but I noticed that there’s only “set volume to Y”, not a “fade volume from X to Y”, which would be really nice. Let’s say that my speaker is off, I would like it to follow this flow:

  1. Set volume to 0
  2. Start playing
  3. Fade volume to 50%
  4. Fade volume to 0% (with 9 minute delay)
  5. Pause (with 10 minute delay)

Even better if you can set how long the fade should last!

Or something like that. Maybe the beta app supports this? I haven’t tried that one yet.


Is that an existing option within the Sonos API that (still) needs to be implemented into Homey’s Sonos app?
Or is this a feature request for something that is not supported yet in the Sonos API?

Anyway, it is already possible to create (a) flow(s) that achieves the same result; check out the transitions app (topic)…


In all honesty, I have no clue if their API supports it! I’m going to check out transitions, thanks!