Adding Nice remote control for sunscreen


Is there an app or a way to learn Homey the 2 simpel buttons from Nice Ergo to open and clode my sunscreen.
According to the remote control is does work with 433 Mhz…
I do not know the factory that made the screen.


There is not yet an app for that. I am trying out to make it myself. But it still is WIP (Not yet working)


Dear Jaxc, thanis for the reply.
The only thing I know about the Nice remote control is:
Type codering built-in radio-reciever: 52 bits rollingcode FLOR en FLOR+INFO.
The chip in the transmitter reads “PE01a”.
Please let us know is you get something that works, would be very helpfull!
Regards, Ton


Dear Jaxc,
I managed to recieved a signal from a reciever connected to an Arduino board.
Unfortunately it does not make any sense to me, because its not in clear code.
But maybe you can see duration and low/high in it…
Here are the screenprints:


Also looking for NICE Flo 4 gate opener solution.


better to use Homey to receive the signals using :slight_smile:


I noticed that in the Homey Developer Tools tab you can make Homey record the signals…
Unfortunately I cannot make any sense of it, even the manual for the RF-Signal-Analyzer is abacadabra for me.
I hope someone comes up with a working Nice app