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Adding Xiaomi temp sensor to Homey


Hi, I bought this temperature sensor and thought it works directly on the phone. I realize that I probably need a Mija aqara hub. I ask for advice on what to buy so that the temperature sensors can be trained to operate. thank you

Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.5.5)

No hub needed. Install the Xiaomi App (zigbee) and add the device.


Hello, I’ve already done this, but the app can not find a thermometer, I can not pair it, advice


Can you take a look at the begining of this topic. To make sure you have the right supported device. Also a lot of info in the first couple of posts


Can you be specific which device you bought? And if indeed it is on the supported list of this app?

If it works directly on the phone, you probably are referring to the Bluetooth temperature and humidity sensor; which is not supported by this app (not Zigbee based)


I attach link to device:


The phone is a huawei mate 20 - a new model, android 8.1.0


Hello, I have two app, xiaomi home and aqara home.
aqara home I’m looking for a temperature sensor icon, and it opens 4 icons with aqara hub, hub, air controller and wall qutlet, then there’s nothing to turn on then … I can not do anything with this app
-xiaomi - add device- temperature sensor- then write -not zigbee gateway found, cant add zigbee devices.
if I try automatic devices nearby, I turn on the thermometer blue indicator light and can not find it again


Please, which member does this work to describe the evaporation process. Thank you


I think you going the wrong direction :wink: You need the Homey app, and install Aqare Smart home app from


Thanks for the help, but it does not go … show the app xiaomi / aqara zigbee, press install and show the app labeled - no devices availabile - in -install - but the install can not be pressed, it is colored gray


Can you post some screenshots what you doing and/or where it goes wrong?

And you already did PTP (pull the plug) from homey for a few minutes to reset.


Figure 1 app for download and I want to download app
Figure 2 is colored gray for download and nothing can be done


Hmmz and your Homey is connected to your wifi?

And wich firmware your Homey has?


My best bet will be he has no Homey at all!
No Homey’s available.



that was iam thinking also


how to connect honey with wifi-

I only have a thermometer in any additional devices, and the phone is on the home network wifi


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: sorry but if you dont have a homey it ofcourse not gonna work

And if you have one, did you try the “Set-up Homey” see your screenshot


I only have (Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor) and app honey on my phone


Then Buy a Homey first


Dont know how you got the idea that you only needed is a app.

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