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Aeotec Garage Door Opener


Hi there,
I have an Aeotec garage opener but can’t install it. It might have something to do with me not being able to read instructions. I know thi.s sounds silly but does it connect to the motor on the roof or the existing switch on the wall?



The Aeotec garage opener hooks into the motor on the roof.

Hope that helps


Here is a couple of photos of the motor controller on the roof. So is this what I connect to Jamie, and how exactly do I connect it?
Help please.


Hi Jamie,
Are you able to look at the photos I posted on this link and tell me where I a am to connect the Aotec controller?



While it is legal to do it yourself, I actually got an electrician to set it mine while he was here doing other work.

But all you should need to do is piggy back off of the existing cables which go to the ‘wall switch’ please make sure they are not 240v though - they should be low V (10ish).


Hi Jamie,
The wall switch is wireless somehow. It is only stuck on to the wall.
So do you think I need to piggyback it to the red and green wires? They seen to be the only ones going to the motor. Oh but there is a white one too.


Is there no text on the board next to the green 2-pole connector? Possible this is a connector for a push button?
What is the Branch and the type of the motor-unit?

Edit, I see problem is already solved!


No definitely not solved, that’s for sure. No writing on green or red wires and whilst I have certainly no idea of electrical stuff I can only surmise that these run the motor. I think :thinking:


Hello, On most gargemotors there is an impuls connection on the switchboard for external buttons etc. Can you take some more close-up photos of the switchboard itself ? Also is there somewhere online i can look at the manual for this model ?


Your first post shows: image

Please read my and Daniel_J questions again and try to answer these questions
What Branch and what Type is the Motor-unit?


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Hi guys,
The brand name is steel-line and the model is either ST50EVOB or ST50EVOC sectional garage door opener.
Please find several photos I took of various parts as I am not sure what I am looking at.



so connection-points 1 and 2 are the ones you need for external control.


Switch Connector 1 and Switch Connector 2 are the ones you need here to connect to your Motor-unit (1 and 2)


Hmm i think he shoud use input 1 and 2 on the terminal block ? (the one under the light blue cylinder shaped cover) maybe this is What you mean ? :sunglasses:


Yes, that’s what I mean, it’s probably a push-button, see page 5 of the manual, actually, the terminal block is above the button, because it is mounted at the ceiling.:wink:



Hi guys,
I’m not having much luck. I connected the wires to the plugs just behind the blue switch, not that easy to do, as you said. I then tested the switch by pushing the white button on the Aeotec controller as per instructions and then. nothing…IT didn’t work. The door didn’t open or close.


Ok I think I’ve got it. You guys probably told me what to do but I misunderstood. I removed the blue button from terminal one and two and inserted the wires from the Aeotec into them and voila! It worked. Thank you so much guys for your help.im glad there are people like you to look after the people like me who are tech unsavy. Cheers


Thats where this forum is for, great that it works :+1:t2:


Merry Christmas