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Aeotec Home Energy Meter gen2 ZW095-C

Couple of check that you can do.

  1. Are the clamps closed properly around the wire?
  2. Check that same phase is measured with clamp and voltage measurement wire wired to HEM.
  3. Check that clamp direction is correct and same in all phases
  4. As far as I know HEM should be able to measure also negative wattage values-> production
  5. In which phase the solar panels are connected or is the inverter 3-phase model?

Hi GrizlyBear

I have currently the same issue with power meter as you described on Feb29. Did you please solved the problem ? i.e. Voltage and Current remain empty

Thanks for your time giving me your valuable respond


Thanks for your reply.

  1. Clamps are closed
  2. Double checked the voltage sensors.
  3. Clamp directions are ok
    It’s a. 3ph hybrid inverter with battery i use. It’ll put out the same wattage on the three phases.
    If i use 1000w on phase 1, then the inverter will put out 333w on each phase to even it out.
    Each clamp always just show 0w when the wattage on that phase is negative.
    The HEM3 (Sum) sometimes shows negative - But it’s not at all reliable :slight_smile:

I’m all out of ideas. Maybe contact the Aeotec support?

Exactly same problem here. Voltage and Current remain empty.

Tested device on Fibaro HC and Voltage and Current is reporting fine, so the problem with app on homey.

Any support for the Home Energy Meter Gen5 1 CLAMP?

Kentaclub v3.0.5 works fine with Aeotec 3 clamp and homey 5.0.0 thanks!

Just be careful on flows triggered by value changed, if you have any, replace it eg. by “Each xx sec” AND “When Value equal to xxxx” …otherwise you will get mem leaks of Homey “core process” issue as this device sends way too many updates over network ;-(