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Aeotec LED Bulb 6

Hi all,
Does anyone got the Aeon LED Bulb 6 working ?
I cant get it included.


A bit more info would be helped😉

Do you get a any info from homey when trying to include it.

I’ve mastered the inclusion process, but it seems to stall somewhere: after inclusion it says device already included, but its not.

On dev mode i see in the log multiple timeouts when including.
I always succesfully reset the light bulb before trying to include.

Do you need some log entries ?

Sounds similar!

And do the Inklusion very close to homey!

Wel you could try the option that @Osorkon is given you.

And is it a brand new bulb? if so did you read the link i given you in my first reply

tnx roy, sorry about that, I sort of double posted the problem here :wink:
ill try your suggestions and else I wait.
I got the Led Bulb 6 for a while now, but before I bought the homey, so refund is out of scope

[edit]to much smileys

It will perhaps include only as a Generic z-wave device since the 6 is not supported, yet.
See here down last posts: Any advice on a Z-Wave RGBW Homey compatible light bulb?

Hi, I can confirm the bulb 6 is currently not yet supported. Please also request it to the developer, perhaps if more people ask for it they will implement it. Bulb 5 will work.

I solved the Issue, by taking a lightbulb from Ikea Tradfri, same functionality (zigbee instead of zwave), 30 euro’s less to spend :wink:

But then you will have two protocols. I have a lot of ZWave devices, placing additional ZWave lights will improve that mesh network. If I would go for ZigBee I would have used Philips Hue cause of the additional features. Even more expensive, I know. But the bulb 6 would have been I think the only good light bulb for ZWave on Homey.