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Aeotec Nano Single Switch status after re-power

Hi everyone,
I own a couple of Aeotec Nano Single Switches and have a problem with both not keeping the status after re-power.

What I want:
the switch to be ON after a power failure. Those switches are always ON in my case, by the way.

What does not work:
After a power failure the switch stays OFF even its status before the power failure was ON or OFF.

What I have tried:

  • under advanced settings have the parameter Configure the output load status after re-power setup as Status before re-power and as Always on.
  • beside the above, I then try writing the raw parameters 20,1,1 which according with the manual, sets up the status after re-power as Always on, then I locked the configuration settings with parameter 252 as 1.

I also own a couple of Aeotec nano dual switches. Those have no problems!

If anyone has an Aeotec nano single switch, can please test and let me know?
The firmware on my devices in 2164.