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Aeotec TriSensor support?

Is there already support for the Aeotec Trisensor? If yes, how can i add thuis device? If no, will it be supported soon?

Hi and welcome @rcvianen if a device is supported the best and easiest way to check is look at the appstore page of homey. Their you can find the supported devices.

If its not supported, you can ask to add support for it.

How !!! that you can find out when reading the welcome post on the forum.

Thanks, i added a review to the Aeotec app with comment.

Did you get reply on trisensor support?

the more users ask for support, the bigger change there is they wil implement the device into the app.

So i really suggest to also ask for support at the devolper of the app, in this case athom themself

And before you gonna ask HOW :wink: just use this LINK

Also given you a link to the welcome post there you can find a lot of information how things work. please read it