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Airthings wave plus

Can`t wait for the Airthings Wave support, version 1.0 now available in store, supporting only Airthings Wave plus for the moment, any ideas when supporting wave? As you probably know, Airthings has a radon (bequerel pr. m3) sensor inside, one of few on the market, in addition to standard temp and humidity sensors.


Waiting for an update on the app since I’m planning on using the radon sensor to start my ventilation when radon levels is high.
I can not see this is supported yet in the app, only co2, humidity, temperature and pressure.

Any timeline on the radon sensor?

Hi Jarle,

What about an integration of the web API?

I think this is the best way of doing it as this is were all the data goes anywhy when you do the sync, and its here the integration with google and IFTTT is.

I’m pretty new to homey (2 days in) but this was the way i did it in Openhab and works pretty good.

There is also a HUB for the ecosystem witch makes is possible to update them automatic (868mhz)

If you want to test, i can give you access to an demo API account :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I also think that the cloud way is the way to go. It’s a pity but seems like Homey’s BLE connection is far too unstable to have the devices connected straight to Homey, at least that’s my experience after just a couple of days with the wave plus connected to Homey. It stopped reporting after just a short while.

Hello, I am the developer of this app. I am in dialogue with Airthings to create the integration of Wave and Wave Mini as well. I have no ETA of when it is available, but probably within a month. :slight_smile:

I can also add some explanation regarding Homey BLE and the sensor. Bluetooth has knows limitations with range inside a house with brick walls etc, and is thereby the not most optimal protocol of transferring data.

However, it might be possible to add the Airthings Hub as supported to Homey later, but then you’ll also need to buy another hub instead of just using your Homey as a hub. I think it would be great to have both worlds here, (BLE and Hub), so that users can choose what they want.


As I wrote in one of all github issues I have created (hehe) I would prefer not to use a hub, but will evaluate and see if that’s possible.

Has it happened to you that the device has stopped reporting? And if so, how did you solve it?

Looks promising for me who has little to none knowledge how to find out of this by my own.

Looking forward to the update on the app!