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Airthings wave plus

For me it doesn’t solve the issue, however doing the pair session again (which end up in a ‘time out’) make the device start reporting again. Created an issue at the github, but obviously it seems like other people don’t have the same issue. https://github.com/anaxyd/homey-airthings/issues/4

There is now an available beta version of the app, which includes support for the Airthings wave device. https://homey.app/a/com.airthings/test/

No data from radon sensor in “when” option? Just temp and humidity

It’s because it’s a custom capability, but there’s an open issue about it on github. However, since all values are polled at the same time you can use the trigger when the temperature change and still use the radon level in a Logic in the AND section. It is still a beta.

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