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Airthings wave plus

For me it doesn’t solve the issue, however doing the pair session again (which end up in a ‘time out’) make the device start reporting again. Created an issue at the github, but obviously it seems like other people don’t have the same issue. https://github.com/anaxyd/homey-airthings/issues/4

There is now an available beta version of the app, which includes support for the Airthings wave device. https://homey.app/a/com.airthings/test/

No data from radon sensor in “when” option? Just temp and humidity

It’s because it’s a custom capability, but there’s an open issue about it on github. However, since all values are polled at the same time you can use the trigger when the temperature change and still use the radon level in a Logic in the AND section. It is still a beta.

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Also have the problem that device stops reporting after a while, often after a Homey restart, then you have to pair again, the hub maybe the solution here towards Homey. It`s also my experience that BLE sucks, I rather prefer wifi if not zigbee or z-wave.

And after 4 days it suddenly started to report again…

Hi! I have 4 Wave Pluses as well, and this “feature” of them stopping to report at random times, often for days, before they suddenly are back in for a week or so, is really bothering me (and my automations). Summarizing all comments so far in this thread, is the best (only?) approach to go via the hub (and either hope that the app will support it, or do some MQTT stuff), or is there a more elegant approach?

I find it not being distance/transmission issues, as they for weeks reports at five minute intervals without problems, but then suddenly all the devices stop to report. A pity indeed… :frowning:

Is it really random for you? For me it always (?) happen when Homey is restarted, but that just happens for me when I am updating it. I haven’t lost them other than that. A search for new devices find them (a wave plus and two minis) again.

Stops for a period, just leave it and it will start to report after a while.

Definately random behaviour. I have tested with scheduled reboots of both Homey and the Airthings App, without any pattern. Sometimes things work out just fine. They also stops to report at different time periods.

There is work going on with the connectivity issues. I would wait buying a hub until this work is evaluated.

Any update on the connectivity issue fix? Planning to buy the wave plus but not so keen into spending couple of hundred euros to find out connection problems…

Have no problems with wave, and it`s been steady since last update weeks ago, just mind bluetooth range or get the hub.

Radon from Airthings wave illustrated on homey/mqtt/node-red


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Bought the Airthings wave plus and after a week it has lost connection one time on it’s own and one time at Homey reboot. (Haven’t rebooted Homey more times)

Complete repairing will start the reporting again, but the inclusion without exclusion trick doesn’t work.

App version 1.2.1
Homey version 4.1.0

Can something be done to work around this?

Added also comment to Github issue.

Hi @Tangodelta

Have you updated your homey to 4.2.0? There has been some reports on ble problems so I’m thinking about updating…

I have, no problems!

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Does the Airthings hub help in any way for the Wave-to-Homey connection? Wave communicates with the hub using Airthings Smartlink. Will it still be able to communicate with Homey over Bluetooth? From what I can see, there is yet no support for the Airthings hub in Homey.