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Ajax systems integration to complement home security



I’m using Ajax systems for home security. Ajax is very plug and play and completely wireless. An integration with homey could complement Ajax enormously.

Some examples:

  • when a door is open spin the led ring
  • alarm triggered: turn on all the lights
  • Ajax panic button: open all doors, turn on all lights
  • fire detected: open all doors, turn on all lights


Anyone else using Ajax systems?
Anyone interested to write an integration?



Looks like a nice system, but the API seems to only be available to “large security and service companies”.


Dont know, Ajax is not aloud in my house :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But on-topic, there is a general topic on the forum where you can do your requests. Just to keep it central


What a company : “How many Ajax systems does the company manage or plan to manage? (min 1000/month) *”


Yes, seems so.

Please help and vote for:
Public API: https://ajax.systems/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=process_simple_like&post_id=6147&nonce=66675f3a9d

Homey integration: https://ajax.systems/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=process_simple_like&post_id=2424&nonce=66675f3a9d

not sure if above links will work like this… can’t find a direct URL :s


I have the Ajax alarm system as well and following the progress regarding usable API’s.

The above API is indeed Enterprise only.

I did find this library for the Ajax API in the past:

Maybe that would be helpfull. I am for sure they are going to focus on domotica at some point. I think they already presented new home devices.Look at these feature requests and the number of votes: