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Alexa + Bticino + Homey

unfortunately the Bticino/Legrand system is not supported by Homey, and this is a big lack for italian/french Homey customers.
So , i’m trying to implement the Bticino devices using Alexa like a “bridge”. Alexa infact can manage Bticino devices, and Homey can load the ALexa devices. It seems run … untill now, but sometimes into my flow i must know the status of the devices, and using this TRICK, the status of the devices are not updated by Homey, if the status is changed using physical button, or using Alexa routine. This is another problem … how can i update the status of the Alexa’s devices inside Homey? Is there a way?

How did you see Bticino devices on Homey? I have a Living Now system, but I can’t see my devices on Homey… :thinking:
I still haven’t given up hope of seeing an official app sooner or later…

If you install ALEXA app on Homey, and add device (Smart light) using Homey, you will found all the “Bticino living now” devices , inside the Homey APP. They run properly, but without status
update if you change the status outside Homey

Got it, thanks! The lack of status update unfortunately makes them unusable in flows…but I can see all my devices in Homey now :wink: