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[Alpha : 1.0.7] Amazon - Alexa Text to Speech, Announcements, Weather, News, Traffic and more


That looks awesome! I was hoping for tts but this changes the game big time! But this is like watching someone make fire and you are standing in the freezing cold… i want a piece of that fire :wink:



All of this stuff is obviously working

Can anyone think of anything cool you could do by having alexa say “ok homey” which couldn’t be don’t through a flow?

For those keeping track at home, (say (tts) announce (text to speech), briefing, weather, traffic, good morning, today’s calendar, tomorrow’s calendar, next calendar entry, sing a song, tell a story)


It’s starting to snow here Jaime its cold!

Is it possible to add you own lines ?

“Alexa ask tile to find my keys”

I would love to make that shorter… or into a flow


as far as I am aware calling ‘other skills’ is not possible. (in your case the tile skill) - for security reasons. Do you want Uber to know when nest says your not home or how much is in your bank account?


Haha that’s a very good point!

The routine’s are already a big leap forward imho

Alexa TTS - info from Homey, spoken by Alexa

When can we test this? :slight_smile:


Just Github this monster so we can test, let’s not complicate this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Do you think it will work on my Sonos ONE speaker with Alexa?
I’m In the Netherlands and Alexa doesn’t have the dutch language yet but i can use the english version on it.
Sounds like a great app !!


I wouldn’t know with out testing, but that ‘ecobee’ device you see me talk about / play with is my heater, which it works upon. So if I had to guess I would say it will work.


Hero! @Jamie. This would give me a good reason to leave 1.5.13 ASAP! Long wanted feature here. Where can I donate?


Would also love to try this out as soon as possible.


@Skorpion @autolycos and @PhilS thanks for the offer to donate, I’ve added a link to the original post if you are still interested.


Once again, fantastic work!


Donated too. Keep up the great work.


Donared @Jamie Great work so far! :grinning:


Donation is on it’s way. Keep up the great work @Jamie!


Thank you everyone who has donated! Obviously if you would like, send me your email addresses and I will add you as the first set of alpha testers to have a play.



Sent you a DM on Slack.


send you donation on PP thx for your work