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[Alpha : 1.5.2] Amazon - Alexa Text to Speech, Announcements, Weather, News, Traffic and more


Amazing :+1:


When do you think you will be able to launch the app?


Once I get around to adding the Europe server, I imagine it will take about a week to add the Europe alpha testers (who have been patiently waiting) and if there are no issues to get to beta.

Once I finish adding the Europe server and making the US server connections compatible…


This app will be the next big thing for homey!
A further donation will be yours if it hits the store @jamie.


I was thinking the same!


Testing and fixing minor issue prior to the EU alpha release.


So it’s close now :+1::pray:t2:


Patiently waiting for the alpha mail. Your work is much appreciated!


1.2.0 Is read for the very very first round of alpha testing.

It includes the ability to connect to the amazon EU server. And two new flows, one which allows your Alexa device to talk with Homey’s (default) voice (work in progress) and another which allows Homey to talk in an Australian voices (male/female).

Not having a EU account, I can only do my best and hope that it will work for you.

The first Invites will go out now, with the rest going out over the next couple of days. (if it works).

Unfortunately, it may require that current users reconnect to their amazon account - this can now be done from the settings page.

Thanks for your patience.

P.S : I don’t suppose there is anyone around with a Fire TV Cube who would like to test?


Great news! Apparently it works for EU server users, and also can confirm it works when speaking German too.

However, It looks like there may be an issue when adding multiple Gen3 Echo Dots - where only one can be added. This doesn’t seem to be affecting other devices (Dot Gen2 or the Echo Gen2). While I don’t have a Gen3 dot (let alone two) I am looking into the issue.


Yeah Jamie, good news on my birthday :hugs: I’m happy of your work and hope it is not so far for the beta, because I don’t know how to install an alpha app :joy::rofl:

Thanks for your work :+1:


@Novatrust just give @jamie your email that is used with your homey account and ask him if he could invite you to test the alpha release.

I tested it and as @Jamie wrote above there is only one issue with the dots 3. gen. Or I must say it is an issue when I tested it. Perhaps it isn‘t a problem for others.

So please test an let Jamie know.

And donate for his brilliant work if not donated so far.

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Hi Jamie,
I would love to get myself added to the alpha testers, do I just send you a PM with my email?


There are limited alpha testing places and donators are given priority for general testing.

But specific device/server/quantity issues may allow others to become testers.

So send me a PM with your email address, what server your connected to EU/US/AU/JP. And which Alexa devices and how many you have of each.


Still loving the app. Thanks for the update!


1.3.0 has been released, it allows your media upon the alexa device to be be played/paused/next/previous/random. It requires that the device be removed and then re-added to homey.

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Good that you mention the re add. And btw. Where does the O come from the in New app name?.
I can use the media also via flows I presume? Gonna test once I get home :slight_smile:


Testing and I needed to differentiate between app versions, it will be removed in a quick fix update in the next couple of hours :slight_smile:


So that version is correct? Nice. Already fixing before testing. Hero! Have some sleep you btw :stuck_out_tongue:


1.3.3 Has been released it -

  • Added all 27 Voices
  • Clean up of flows - hopefully to make it clearer.
  • Other voices will not force the accent which works best with them, rather then the current device accent.
  • Removes the (o) in the application name
  • Removes media controls from the Fire Tablet HD10
  • Allow 27 other voices to whisper