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[Alpha : 1.7.0] Amazon - Alexa Text to Speech, Announcements, Weather, News, Traffic and more

Everything fine till now. If it stops working I’ll let you know

For others, enabling power user and setting the app to restart every 12 hour seems to also be a quickfix to the issue.

Given that there is a quickfix i’m confident ill be able to implement a fix when I get a change to spend some time on this app.



Still connected but they stop speaking today or yesterday.

Ich will try your quickfix

Just an update, i’ve rewritten the connection code and am testing the longevity of the connections.

So far so good, but as you can imagine when testing connections over days (hopefully weeks) - it takes a while

So far the i’ve been able to control (send weather commands) to an Echo over 8 days, including after loosing my internet connection for 4 hours. Next ill be ensuring that TTS commands work over 7+ days.



We‘ll be patient :+1:t2:

Thanks for the update @Jamie. I’ll be patiently waiting.

How can I get this interesting app?

Since a few days i can t add any device it stop after login by beginn to get device list . image

Are you able to send me the error log? Has anyone else had this problem?

In regards to the next update to be released, it has currently been connected 26 days now, once I have the data after 35 days ill start working on a alpha release.



I’ll check once I’m back home, and report back.
Will be in a few days though, as I’m away in Hong Kong.

here :wink:

Since a few days, I can’t connect my devices anymore. After logging in to Amazon, I close the page and it shows me a infinite spinner with waiting.

Log: 79403452-e960-4ffb-bd47-158bd4c802d2

Thanks for the updates and logs.

I’ve made some changes which fixes the issue, this fix will go out with the next update, which will also include the ability to stay connected with out restarting.

Unfortunately my current build no longer has any flows (it was a very large update), but once these fixes are tested and the flows are added the update will roll out, perhaps a little earlier then I was anticipating

Ill be in touch.


I have absolutley the same probs

I noticed the same issue since a few days

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Sorry the fix stopped working after 24 hours, so it wont be going out.

Ill have another look at it the next chance I get.

Yeah, same issue here.

Same here:


Wher can I find this beautifull App, max I also test it?

1.6.2 has been released, which will fix the changes amazon have made on their end recently.

As I have previously mentioned this may not look much different but the entire connection code has been rewritten from scratch.

Note there are 4 flow triggers which concern the connection

The following will occur often, generally speaking you shouldn’t need to worry about them. For example - if Homey was to loose access to the wifi, or the internet was to flake out.

  1. Connected : Triggered when app connects to amazon
  2. Disconnected : Triggered when the app disconnects from amazon.

The next two might be more useful :

  1. Authorised : Triggered when the app credentials change (ie. you enter your username/password).
  2. Unauthorised : Triggers when the app no longer has access to your Alexa account. - Meaning you need to manually login.

I have done alot of testing and when I last checked the app had been running for 38 days straight, however I then had to make changes due to the problems you were experiencing.

I am going to ask that you disable any flows which are resetting homey(if possible) or the app - just so that we can test how robust the connection now is.

I’ve currently disabled the ability for the app to track changes to the volume, and please ignore the new device named ‘smart home device’.

Thanks and please let me know how you go.