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[Alpha : 1.7.0] Amazon - Alexa Text to Speech, Announcements, Weather, News, Traffic and more

Will enable/disable of Alexa Guard also work with this app?

I’m really looking forward to a public release. In fact, both your apps (this and Arlo) are two of my very most anticipated apps in a really long time for Homey.

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Thanks @angr I haven’t seen anyway that Alexa Guard could be added but it is still pretty new, ill add it to the app if I ever work it out.

Hi Jamie, may I also test your app please? i have the new echo show 5 compact.



@tembelreis - Thanks as soon as I am able to ill add support for the echo Show 5, ill hit you up to help out.

1.6.6 Released.

Latest release continues to improve connection, I am really hoping that this release will be final release focusing on the connection as far as I am aware there is just the one person who is still having issues.

If you have any issues at all where the weather stops reporting, Alexa wont connect, Doesn’t let you know that it has disconnected or your TTS stops working - please let me know immediately. And also whether restarting the app or restarting Homey was required to fix it.

Also keep an eye out when you Upgrade homey, I’ve noticed some issues during the 2.3/2.4 release candidates.


Thank you @Jamie. Look forward to testing the app.

@Jamie I would love to test the new version, I have 2 echo dots and a firestick (don’t use firestick for audio commands but if you like I’ll test that for you too)… and I’ve send you some beers

I’ve had to reauthorize it after I tried to login with wrong password to my amazon account. Is this normal? Or coincidence?

German Alexa seems not support some of the Fun Commands

As far I can say it works stable. But I set up some more Flows that Alexa has more to do. Is there a option that I can see when a command to Alexa fails?
As long the App is closed source I can not run it and see the logs.

At the moment I am reading and trying to understand https://apps.developer.athom.com

Sorry I don’t know what you mean by “see failed commands”

I mean the response of the Alexa/Amazon server

You want to see the response to commands which did not send correctly?


Unsuccessful commands do not return a response.

I still don’t think I properly understood you @mapulu - perhaps a couple of real world examples might help?

1.6.7 has been released.

1.6.7 includes a more aggressive reconnection to the ‘stream’ and a couple of fixes for the one person still having connection issues.

As far as I am aware its just the one person experiencing connection issues and once resolved I will no longer be releasing any changes to the connection code to ensure that it stays stable. (read between the lines :: speak now or forever hold your peace).


I meant in case I am not at home or I don’t realize alexa should have talked I can not say if it worked or not. But forget it I think the wrong way.

Hmm, i wonder who the mystery person is you talk about :joy:

Could it be that this person is the only one with 2 factor authentication? Or is someone here that has the 2FA and has no problems?

I use 2fa, but not part of the alpha :sob:.
Would love to be though.

@mapulu then what I said is correct, if Alexa doesn’t work then nothing is returned. However programing is a bit different to the ‘real world’ - If something doesn’t return a response … then isn’t that in itself a response?

For now I want to remain optimistic and assume ill be able to make it so that the app Always works, once reality hits I might look at adding some sanity checks on to let you know if it ‘nothing’ is returned :-). Sorry for my terse response before - I actually at the airport :slight_smile:

Is there a chance to let Alexa listening with a flow?

Someone opens the door and Alexa says: Welcome home can I do something for you?
And than starts listening for an answer.

There is some stuff I can do, (not likely with out the key word “alexa”) but as you can (for now) accomplish a lot of it using Alexa routines and Virtual buttons - Its a bit low on the priorities.

Any news on a beta release for the rest of us.

Many thanks