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[Alpha : 1.7.1] Amazon - Alexa Text to Speech, Announcements, Weather, News, Traffic and more


Agreed. Excellent job! Thanks Jamie!

Yes, thanks a lot die your work. Use it everyday :slight_smile:

Only had a couple of disconnects, but that was because of power outage. Other than that mines worked everyday. Great app, great work Jamie.

Pooh. That is why. Stupidly done! But thank you Jamie.!
Keep me posted on the disconnect fix. I still have that.

:soon: Alexa can now speak in a Excited/Disappointment or even in a tone for ‘news’ (US and AUS only).

Alexa’s new emotions can be delivered in three different levels, ranging from low, medium, and high.


Hahaha. Can you imagine. When I enter. :joy:

Hey Jamie Iam from Germany i like your work. I have some Alexas dots gen 2/3 Echo gen 1 Show gen 1 spots.Could i habe your App? I will testing. Thanks a lot

How can i Write you a private Message?

When your just joined the forum, you cant. You need first i belive make a number of posts before can send a Dm.

But gues @Jamie wil read it and if needed he contact you