Android IP Webcam (v1.2.6)




Android IP Webcam for Homey

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Use Homey together with Android IP Webcam ( Ad Supported Version or Pro Version by Pavel Khlebovich ©). With Android IP Webcam you can turn any smartphone or tablet into a security camera or baby monitor that detects motion and sound and luminance (depends on available sensors in your Android device). With the Homey app for Android IP Webcamera you can respond to these triggers and control the camera options.

Supported Cards

  • [TRIGGER] All default supported battery, motion alarm and generic alarm cards (generic alarm will be replaced with sound alarm once supported by Homey core)
  • [ACTION] Send live snapshot through email
  • [ACTION] Set motion and sound alarm threshold
  • [ACTION] Turn on night vision and set gain
  • [ACTION] Zoom camera
  • [ACTION] Set the stream quality
  • [ACTION] Turn on/off camera LED
  • [ACTION] Switch front / back camera


Install and configure IP Webcam

Install IP Webcam from Google Playstore. Please consider installing the Pro version to support the author of this app. Open the app and configure at least the following options.

  • enable motion and sound detection (timeout of 5 seconds is usually good, sensitity is personal, try to find your optimal settings)
  • enable data logging (data retention of 5 seconds is good, at least enable motion, sound, battery and light sensor)
  • local broadcast (make sure you set a static IP in your router for this Android device, set the listening port in the options and optionally a usename / password)
  • start the server

Add your IP Webcam as device in Homey

After you have set up IP Webcam on your Android device you can add it as device within Homey like any other device. You will need to fill in the IP address, optional username & password and a poll frequency. The default polling frequency is 5 seconds. You can find the IP address in your Android device by clicking the cogwheel under the WiFi settings.

Setting up email

To be able to send snapshots through email you will need to configure an email account which sends out the email. In the general settings of the Homey IP Webcam App there is a section to configure your email account. Please pay attention to the extra information when adding a Gmail account, this requires you to use a specific app password which needs to be setup within your Google account.



v1.2.6 - 2018-09-08

REFACTORING: switched from request node module to node-fetch (reduced footprint from 8MB to 1MB)

v1.2.5 - 2018-08-22

  • UPDATE: updated app manifest to include id of new forum support topic
  • UPDATE: updated node packages to latest versions

v1.2.4 -2018-04-26

UPDATE: updated dependencies to fix security issue in on of the packages, no functionality changes


I get an UNREACHABLE error after about 15 sec in Homey app - is this a known issue ?


This mostly happens because the setup instructions have not been followed correctly or the device is missing a sensor needed for this app to function. If you are 100% sure you have followed the instructions correctly you can save the output of http://<<your_ip_webcamip>>:<<ip_webcam_port>>/sensors.json in a textfile and send it to me as zip file and I’ll have a look what is going on.