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Anyone had problems in connecting the google assistant? see screenshot below



Just change the language to one that is supported by Homey…


So i cannot use this in english?


I believe (and correct me when iam wrong) google and homey must be on the same language


And that must be a language that both Homey and Home support.


Both homey and tablet with main account (owner) and all set to english US its working most of the time.

But if i connect Google Ass on the secondary tablet with a user account (non owner) its not working. The homey is linked but Google Ass returns “cant send messages yet”. So iam guessing its understands the input but dont have “permission” to access homey due to the account type?
Sometimes if you say Get Homey, homey connects. Then if you say something (like to turn some lights on) google responds as described above again.

Any idea sombody?