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Anyone using Arlo Pro?

Awesome! I can help!

Maybe i can help you too!?

Cool, send me the email addresses which you use for the homey app store and ill add you to the alpha. Right now I am having some issues where the image snap shot stops working after 10 updates. But once I have that figured out ill let you know.

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Happy to help also @Jamie

Just an update, I have the app connecting, gathering images, informing when there is motion/ sound - and the ability to arm/disarm.

it works perfectly … for 120 second then is kinda crappy. When I get a chance, ill go deeper and see whats going on with the low level communications to see why it breaks after exactly 120 second … every time.

Once this issue is fixed I imagine it will roll out really quickly, @Azz24 you able to send me your email address?

In regard to support if I can find someone to help out with each, i’m looking to support the following :

Base Stations

Arlo HD Base Station (VMB3000) - Looking for tester
Compact Arlo, with our Siren (VMB3500) - Looking for tester
Standard Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 Base VMB4000
2019 Refresh of Arlo Pro 2 Base Station VMB4500 - Looking for tester
Arlo Ultra Base Station VMB5000 - Looking for tester


Arlo (VMC3030) - Looking for tester
Arlo Pro (VMC4030) - Looking for tester
Arlo Pro 2 (VMC4030P)
Arlo Ultra (VMC5040) - Looking for tester


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I have the Arlo Pro 2 Base station VMB4000 en Arlo Pro 2 camera’s for testing!

I have Standard Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 Base VMB4000 and Arlo Pro (VMC4030)

Looking forward!

Hi, i have the Arlo HD Base Station (VMB3000) and the Arlo (VMC3030) - Looking for tester installed for testung!

intresting, gonna flow this post :+1:

Still looking? I have 2 Arlo pro’s (H8), 2 arlos (v1, H7) and a VMB4000r3.

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Just an update : I had a chance to have another look at this, and implement some fixes, seems to be quite stable. Motion sensor (when armed) is working as is the battery and auto updating the image.

All in all pretty happy with it, the difficult part is now complete, im hoping to have an alpha (steps 1-3) ready next time I work on it.

Next Steps :

  1. ill add the ability to logon via a form
  2. add the ability so you can alter how often the image is updated (once ever 3 seconds burns through battery).
  3. Add icons

  1. Add Flow events around motion detected, so you can turn on lights or whatever you like
  2. Add the ability to see when sound has been detected (when armed).
  3. Add flow events around sound detected
  4. Add Flow events around battery status
  5. Add flow to receive captured video when armed

  1. Add the ability to add base station in order to ‘arm/disarm’ - etc.
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Nice work! :ok_hand:t2:

Excellent work Jamie!

Did you find any Arlo Ultra testers? Not sure if Public API is the same as Non-Ultra. I have both Pro 2 x 2 and Ultra x 2 with independent base-stations. However unfortunately I am not a Homey user yet. I am currently using SmartThings (previously OpenHAB / HaaS) and considering switching to Homey and Arlo integration was one of my concerns. FYI Arlo Ultra doesn’t work with SmartThings (yet).

Also based in Australia and fortunate to have NBN so Arlo streaming experience has been great. Been really happy with Pro 2, and Ultras are great albeit earlier firmware was abysmal! However geo-fencing has been a little flakey. I was considering switching to Nest, but the monthly fee is crazy with multiple cams and with Google are changing partner integration model, this could impact Homey.

Anyway keen to see this progress and expand to Ultra.

Thanks for your efforts!

Hi @prj32 welcome to the community.

Both my neighbours got the NBN activated yesterday, I rang up to get mine and was told it would be avialable on the 3rd … of December … 2020. I think they have messed something up on the paper work. - but you literally cant do anything about it.

I heard that the Ultras may actually work slightly differently, so ill be looking at adding them one everything else is complete.

Alpha Testers

Just a couple of things to address to the people who have supplied me with their email addresses for the alpha. Each user account can only be logged into one account at a time. ie. If you login to the app on two devices, you will be kicked from one. This is somewhat annoying as we need to log in every 119 seconds on homey. ie. you get kicked from the app frequently. I have added code so when you login to the Arlo app - homey will wait 5 minutes before it starts up again.

So If you want to join the alpha, it would be great if you could create a new Arlo account just for Homey, so that we can test both use cases.

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I would love to test :slight_smile: [modbreak: email address removed]
Best, MArtin

thanks Jamie.

sorry i don’t quite understand this part. do you want us to create a new arlo account? or a new homey account

An arlo account.

You don’t have to but you will have a much better experience if you create a new arlo account, and invite it to access your cameras.

And then when you receive your link to the Alpha version Homey Arlo App - use this new account to sign in with.

Does this clear it up?

got it! thanks again.

Unless there is any objections I am going to close this thread, as there is now an app for alpha testing?

You can find more information about it here.

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