Anyone using the APC app successfully?


I have apcupsd set up on an rpi, as well as the web interface. Trying to create a device in Homey but I get “No new devices found”. Me doing something wrong or this app needs some love?

P.S Nothing to find in my firewall log



It looks like apcupsd listens to the local network interface by default, which means you can’t access from other machines.

In the configuration file (on my Ubuntu server that’s /etc/apcupsd/apcupsd.conf), you should change this line:


to this:


After a restart of the daemon, try again from Homey.


Thanks, that was it!

Should have seen that myself, it’s actually in the the comments in apcupsd.conf. Didn’t read it.

Thanks again!


Edit: restarting the daemon was not enough, had to reboot the rpi.