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[App] Advanced Scheduler

@Walter_vande_kerkhof I will see if there is a way to get logs from the app.

In the meantime could you go into raw settings and retreive the settings, copy them and send them to me somehow. Thanks in advance.

Hello, I just mailed them to you

@Raeven: Do you have triggers exactly at midnight? This might be the reason. Working on a fix, but it takes time to test as midnight only occurs once per day :slight_smile:

Could you try setting you potential midnight trigger to 00:01 instead?

@Fredrik_Palsson No, I don’t have a trigger at midnight.
However it might have been related to some faulty settings which were related to untranslated Golden Hour sun events. After editing these and setting the sun event again, the translations were correct again (and after that I restarted the app again). Working since.

I’m guessing you changed the id/key of these events at some point?

@Raeven That is a bit strange. The only changes has been in the settings around translations. No changes in the functions that triggers events. Well, If you experience problems again, please send a diagnostics report and I will look at it.

Yay! 200 users! That is likely not much compared to most apps, but as this started as an experiment without any intention to make it publicly available I see it as a success.

Approx 1 hour development spent per user :slight_smile:

I hope you all enjoy! Thanks to all that contribute one way or another!


@Fredrik_Palsson Nice app
one question :slight_smile:
Would it be possible to make a schedule where sunrise should be Yes before it triggers the time?

Sunrise = yes
Time = 0700

Saturday & Sunday
Sunrise = yes
Time = 0900

Btw, I miss an explanation to all the solar events.

My recommendation:


Found this: https://diurnalillumination.weebly.com/

dead of night
twilight / half-light (first)

  • astronomical twilight
  • nautical twilight
  • civil twilight / blue hour

dawn / daybreak
sunrise / golden hour
magic hour / golden hour
sunset / sundown
twilight / half-light (second)

  • civil twilight / blue hour
  • nautical twilight
  • astronomical twilight

dusk / gloaming
nighttime / nighttide

Thank you for helping out, @fantross!


Would it be possible to make a schedule where sunrise should be Yes before it triggers the time?

I believe you will be glad to know there are a few more functions comming soon:

  • Random offset time for events.
  • Trigger Sun Event only if before or after fixed time.
  • Trigger fixed time only if before or after solar event.

It is currently implemented to I would estimate 50%, but needs some more work, hopefully later today (the weather is terrible today in Sweden, could just as well do some coding). Then of cause some testing is needed.

I will update here when there is some more info.

EDIT: It turned out there was a lot more work that could be done to make the solution more elegant and well working, while at it. This means that the 50% above was about 25% in reallity. But now I’m 95% done. Only translations left and some minor GUI details, I hope.


Very interesting new features! :+1:t3:

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@fantross and @Raeven: Would you like to help out with translations for the new version with random trigger time span and conditional triggering?

“Use_random_settings”: “Use random settings”,

“Random_time_before_or_after_trigger” : “Random time before or after trigger”,

“Use_conditional_before” : “Use conditional before”,

“Only_trigger_if_before” : “Only trigger if before”,

“Use_conditional_after” : “Use conditional after”,

“Only_trigger_if_after” : “Only trigger if after”,

“Random_time_between” : “Random time between”,

“and” : “and”,

“but_only_if_before” : “but only if before”,

“but_only_if_after” : “but only if after”,

“and_after” : “and after”,

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@Fredrik_Palsson I synced with upstream. Is it correct that these changes are currently not present in master (atleast at GitHub)?

I synced with upstream . Is it correct that these changes are currently not present in master (atleast at GitHub)

Correct. Will be there tonight, I guess. Soon… :slight_smile:

For those who wants to test the new version with loads of new features and improvements, please check out Advanced Scheduler | Homey.

Before installing this, as a safety measure, do a backup of settings using the raw info feature.

Please report if it works as expected for you or not.

Just so you know: after updating… one of my two available schedules was gone and the other no longer contained events.

As a tester, I knew what I was getting into. But certainly something to avoid when releasing to stable.
(so yeah… I was lazy… didn’t create a backup… so, first up: fix it, then test the new features)

Since I didn’t save any settings… reverting back to the old version restored my schedules (and events).
So, seems you created a breaking change in the settings? (or is a bug in the test version eating up the GUI and thus not showing all entries?)

@Fredrik_Palsson I’ve created a new pull-request for the additional translations.

For now I’ll revert back to stable (gotta have working schedules again).
Though this way I can test any potential bugfix for my broken settings (when upgrading).

Another question:
when adding a “before” or “after” condition, this merely prevents a scheduled event from triggering, right?
Let’s say I want to close curtains at during the evening golden hour but only after 19:00. If the evening golden hour is indeed before 19:00, there is no trigger at 19:00… (for that you’d have to create an extra schedule to trigger at 19:00 but only after evening golden hour)

@Raeven: Thanks for reporting. Could you please send settings that you have recreated to me, so that I can check out why it is not beeing read properly, or possibly why it is not saved correctly in the new format.

Thanks in advance!

The GitHub issue I opened should have all you need. If not, let me know and I’ll get right on it.


when adding a “before” or “after” condition, this merely prevents a scheduled event from triggering, right?

You are correct.

I was thinking about wether there was a need for a “trigger first/last of x/y”. That would be quite easy to implement with the new structure of the code. I believe it will be done before the end of this week. Maby even tonight :slight_smile:

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