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[APP] Amazon - Alexa

Correct, no new install

ok… then I will hope for a new version (before my homey ever has to be reinstalled) :wink:

i’m very interest about this project.
there are a plan to officialise the app?

There are, once its stable.

I haven’t had the time I would like to spend on this app, due to other commitments and issues with my Homey.

But once it is stable I will release it as a Beta and start adding features.



Hi @Jamie,

I am testing this app, Silent till know, on several Echo-Dot, Echo and Echo Show.

I have made some observation, and waited to confirm them.

First off all this App is much more stable as the official Athom releases of Spotify, congratulation for the job.

My observation:

-I have only once that the Account linking was lost and this after a 1 week inactivity.

-The App stop working if:

               - More than 1 day of inactivity

               - Homey ore another app on Homey have some Update

              - The internet connection was poor (“Alexa” was unable to play WebRadio not even by voice command)

Restarting manually the App have always put everything in order.

Since 2 weeks I have made a flow that restarts the app every night at 4 o’clock and since than it works like charm without any problem.
After every Homey Update (that I also start manually) I restart also this App manually.

So I do not think the the instability is an App Issue, my opinion is that the stability issue are accidentaly generated by Amazon and Athom updates.

One features that I miss in the Flowcards is the “Alexa, STOP” command. “Pause Playing” has no effect if Alexa is Playing a Radio Station.

I hope that my comment can bring you a little further.

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Thanks @Viorel_Dimitrescu that is some insightful information, has anyone else noticed the same behavior?

Just a quick update version 1.7.1 has been released, it changes support to now require version 3.* on Homey. (@Torsten_Richter) Old versions will continue to work if you haven’t updated yet, and I don’t expect an update to this app in the immediate future. (I have several more popular apps which need updates).

I did notice teh internet conenction thingy, will look for others.

Interesting - I added code to handle internet disconnects, looks like it’s not working - good place to start

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where can i get this app ? I am from EU / Germany

Its beta, but that you notice when start reading the topic

I know that it is beta, but i do not know how to get a beta - app…

Any help please ?

The devolEper should add you to the list to become beta tester, or maybe its Alpha :thinking:

But thats why i said start reading the topic :joy: lazy??

No, not lazy but my english is not the best :wink:

It’s just an alpha version for invite only. Not in the store(yet) so u have to be patient.

Note: this Message was sent to @Jamie on slack also:

Hey @Jamie , just tried to left the app work without the workaround flow of starting it every 5 hours new. Didn’t worked. Now i just Winter to restart the app from the Settings. But i get a Timeout.

I can’t restart the app.
Could it be that this is caused by the new AppStore? Your app was in Alpha. This isn’t anymore a Status in the new AppStore.

Reactivating the app. The circles in the Right corner of my devices are Running but the exclamation mark ist coming a few seconds Kater again. So now i can’t connect my devices anymore.

Edit2: i had to reconnect and Login to Amazon again (Never hat to in the Last 6 month) and now i am reconnected and the devices are also connected.

So sorry for the „panic“ :blush:

Just to confirm that auto restarting the app every day at 4:00 fixes the “becomes silent without warning” issue. It wasn’t fixed it when I set It to restart every 2-3 days. Totally working now.

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My every 5 hours restart-Flow is also working great. Only sometimes it Restaurant to late and the devices Este unreachable. But that is only once a week. I can live with that.

Never the less i am hoping some say the app will work without the workaround

If you have the app installed I would recommend that you don’t uninstall it.

The new way the App Store works means that apps are always 100% open the the public.

I have no interest in the complaints / bad reviews I’ll get because the app “doesn’t do everything everyone wants” while I’m testing and trying to find specific issues.

I get enough of them already from alpha testers who have been specifically warned before being given access. Even when the flows/devices are called “placeholder”.

Until I have a better way to test this my apps prior to their release to the public - All my apps are all on hold.

Fingers crossed it won’t be long.


Head up @jamie! Love your good work!

I will never complain :slight_smile:

I second that!