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[APP] Amazon - Alexa


Agreed. Excellent job! Thanks Jamie!

Yes, thanks a lot die your work. Use it everyday :slight_smile:

Only had a couple of disconnects, but that was because of power outage. Other than that mines worked everyday. Great app, great work Jamie.

Pooh. That is why. Stupidly done! But thank you Jamie.!
Keep me posted on the disconnect fix. I still have that.

:soon: Alexa can now speak in a Excited/Disappointment or even in a tone for ‘news’ (US and AUS only).

Alexa’s new emotions can be delivered in three different levels, ranging from low, medium, and high.


Hahaha. Can you imagine. When I enter. :joy:

Hey Jamie Iam from Germany i like your work. I have some Alexas dots gen 2/3 Echo gen 1 Show gen 1 spots.Could i habe your App? I will testing. Thanks a lot

How can i Write you a private Message?

When your just joined the forum, you cant. You need first i belive make a number of posts before can send a Dm.

But gues @Jamie wil read it and if needed he contact you

Hi Jamie sorry that i give so late a comment for your great app , i like him so much , of course they are some errors but i hope that you find them in the next time . so i list now the last error that i found with my devices , echo dot , echo dot 2, echo 2 .
— the connection lost after 3 hours sometimes later 5-6h but i set a flow to restart the app every 3 hours so alexa speaks every time.
— sometimes alexa speaks the text i set via flow double / half and begins again ( maybe that this caused also the connection lost error so that alexa don t say anything more )

All other main functions of the app works great with no errors i found till now. for example i use alexa app when my oven program is ready to mute the tv set echo vol 30 , say a text , set echo vol 10 , show tv notification , tv mute off in 90% it is synchron with my setting and timeouts i set in the flow so im very happy till now so i hope you can find the connection error .
my server is eu german
thanks for the great work i also would spend some money for your work again after the release . no other app when it is released has more :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: than yours .

So as far as I get the new process, while its a draft its not accessible to anyone but you, when you put it in Test is only available to people with the link (so you can PM the link to people who want access) and this state replaces the old public draft. Than you can decide when to send it to certification. So your objection is that in Test it can be reshared by others and you cant block a user from using it if they got the link?
Doesnt that still ensure very well that those people are well aware of their choice to use a non published app? I mean those test apps are no longer discoverable through the app store, that was the main issue before I believe. Now someone needs to make a clear choice.

I mean its such a shame that this high promise app does not see the day of light. I understand you need to do a lot of work to upgrade all apps to the new version. So again I will offer my help. I am not as experienced in athom development as you. But I am willing to help you out in the troublesome debugging steps etc.

still waiting that athom reconfigured the state alpha / beta for development , other wise the only way over cli install

I dont mind doing the cli install. But cant find the repos to download it from. Is it available?

Nope, haven’t really had a Homey since the new App Store was launched. It finally arrived yesterday but I was sent a homey with no feet, the wrong zwave frequency and it red rings and becomes unavailable when you add a device …

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I can’t find the app in the store.
How can I install it or give me a link to it?

If you just care to read the above tread, you would find that the following has been said numerous times.

“It’s just an alpha version for invite only. Not in the store(yet) so u have to be patient.”

Also it has been said on and on that if you want to test it, PM to the developer (Jamie)


Sorry everyone, I know that I am starting to sound like Athom :soon: … But until athom tell me about whats going on with my replacement Homey im very limited in what I can do.

I understand that you are eager, and upset that you don’t have cool new features or access to the beta. But trust me I am a lot more upset, I haven’t had a homey for 6 weeks, and even if they were to respond immediately - at the moment it would be another 4 weeks until I get a working homey.

As of today, I am still (un)patiently waiting for a Homey which works to be sent to me. So long as Homey is my main controller I will continue to develop/support my apps. The priority is to quickly finish off and publish the Arlo app before finalising an Alexa beta, then updating the group app to allow groups of devices with different capabilities then finishing off with the garadget app.

If that changes and I set up a different controller ill absolutely update these threads and find some one else to take over the maintenance of any apps I have published. (group, rainforest, feibit)

All Ill say is I am very glad to have taken the approach that I have, so that my house continues to work normally (aka stupid) when there is a catastrophic failure like no controller.