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[APP] Amazon - Alexa

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Thanks a lot for this :+1:

Version 3.5.100

I’ve updated the Alexa app, the latest version includes several bug fixes as well as a very exciting new feature.

There is now a new flow action which allow us to directly send a command to an Alexa device.

That is : you can now use Homey to send Alexa any command which you would normally say to Alexa

You is can test the new feature here below.



Great. Good news for this new year, you rock man :sunglasses:.
We’ll provide some feedbacks.
And happy new year for all.

I tested the new feature Alexa command with my echo show 8: it works like a charme. Some basic tests like "turn on the light or turn off the light… "

Hi i also tested it and it s working perfectly, btw in germany this feature isn t available in the alexa app yet, but it s working :slight_smile:


btw, may you can add the new echo 4 devices?


Ive asked the Amazing Ivo to create some icons for the v4 echo. I’ll add the new ones as soon as I can.

Wow! :heart_eyes::ok_hand:t2: This is exactly what I needed to control my fan’s speed which supports Alexa but not compatible with Homey. Now I don’t have to set up any routines, I can just easily send a command and build the flows. I can also use the Dim Level function as a virtual device to control speed.

Hi, I am trying to use this app for sending Alexa-commands from flows in Homey to Alexa devices. For example, “Alexa, start routine morning”.

First I would like to ask if anyone uses the app with version 5.0.0-rc.xx? (I know it’s a release candidate but I need it for other devices in my home.) I use rc.50 at the moment. At the moment I can not use the commands that are available in this app. Probably due to this.

I can add all my Alexa devices, but I can not do anything with them.


Please check out the second post in this thread titled “Frequently asked questions”

Thanks, @Jamie! Sorry for not checking out the FAQ, I did not expect the solution “change server” to be the solution. Now it works!

I am trying to trigger routines. The function “Trigger Routine” does not work for me, routines are not listed under “Name of the routine”.

In the FAQ it says:

Why don’t my routines show in the flow action

For a routine to show, it must be given a name with in the alexa app.”

I have given the routines names etc under Routines > Your routines in the Alex app. The featured routines are not listed either.

If I try to use your function “Alexa Command” I can send a command like “Alexa, good morning” to run the featured routine Good morning in the Alexa app, but I can not run a routine listed under Your routines in the same way.

Any suggestions?


Hi @johank i ve the same problem, the first time i click on the rountine button it s empty then i have to go back an click again routines, then they are available.
Click on trigger routine (in my case empty)

then press the back button and again trigger routine

give it a try

Thanks, @Martin_Tschanun! I tried it several times now, but it did not work for me, not yet. I will try some more and hopefully, the list will be populated in the end.


i ve two cases:

  1. if the App is started it s not really working. It shows all the devices but i have to restart the app twice that eg voice responses etc are working. (i did there some flows to automaticly do the job if the connection isn t working, see my post earlier)
  2. as mentioned i ve to click 2 times to trigger routine.

may it help to restart the alexa app and after try the routine workaround which is working in my case.



@Jamie I would like you to add the soundbar Samsung Q950T to the app.

I await you’re response.

Kind regards!

Same here no ,Alexa say‘ is working even weather reports. Alexa is not talking anymore :frowning: