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[APP] Amazon - Alexa

@Andrea_Marchisi I prefer it so that the connection stays connected. That homey once loses its internet connection and that I have to restore the connection, or if I have to restart the alexa app for some reason is the least of my worries. But reconnecting every minute without any cause was quite annoying.
Anyway, thanks for finding this workaround! Hoping this will be temporary.

Indeed,since few days i have much less deconnection and very happy to re-use my favorite homey app😁
Only problem,i can’t access my routines anymore…same for you?

Hey @Ewen_Le_guennec
Indeed, routines have disappeared.
I hardly use routines now. I only use the text to speech several times a day. For example, if washing machine or dryer are done, alexa tells me this. If the cellar door remains open, Or when it’s dinner time, or when i need my son for some reason, I push a button and Alexa calls him with text to speech.

otherwise try to bypass (workaround) via IFTTT.

Edit: Connection still up and running since yesterdays workaround! :partying_face:

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same for me, i cant access the routines anymore i noticed yesterday.

but the trick does seem to reduce the amount of disconnects, resolving still requires to reauthenticate, so to often to be useful

for my 6 alexa devices using tts gives an api overload. tgats why i rely on rputines, for each tts thing a created a routine that announces to all devices, and use the play routine to do the same as you.

Yes same for me,5 echo devices here so i use routines for announces on all my devices when an action did the job😉
For now tts works without(too many) disconnection so i’m happy with that,maybe in few days/weeks/months Amazon app will works as before😋
Thanks again to Jamie for this great app!!

Hi, will Echo Dot 4th gen. be added to the list of supported ddvices?

This appli is a vers gond idea
But there is a lot or disconnection every 4 uses in a routine.
When can is it possible to have echodot 4 ni device compatible
Thank a lot

Hey @Jamie
Still having trouble with the alexa app.
I created a few flows with the app’s 4 available cards in the if column.
When disconnected it is always “When we are unable to be authenticated by the Amazon Server any more.” and not the 3 others.
I am still on EU server and polling at 1 hour
I hope you have been helped a little with this.

Same here on EU server,have to reconnect at less twice a day.