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[APP] Amazon - Alexa

@Chris_nl can you do me a favor and check this card with a flow in your environment. Can you reproduce this behavior?

Sure, can you share the exact flow so we know 100% sure that what we are doing is the same


Nice, setup exactly this flow, now wait for 15 minutes :slight_smile:

UPDATE: After 16 minutes still nothing on my timeline (only the testitem i created to test if the flow was working)

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And Alexa is still speaking via homey I assume?

Good question, it did before i created this flow :slight_smile: So let me test that, just to be sure.

No apparently not anymore, let me reconnect and test it again

Now getting messages instantly, and lots of them, not just every 15 minutes but multiple every minute (i do have 3 devices connected, so that might be why i get 3 mesages a minute)

Thanks again for you effort, so it seems to be the normal behavior at the moment.

And in my case it triggers also in sec not min. You can type on “a few seconds ago” in the timeline to see the date/timestamp in detail.

The question @Jamie : shows the card real reconnections or is it a loop in the code? :thinking:

Hello everyone.Since fews days i have a problem different,before the last update i always lost the connexion between amazon and homey(i had to reconnect by taping my credentials).The last update had resolved this problem😊
But now ,it’s different,my devices doesn’t respond when a flow with tts is actived…
They are still connected with the homey but nothing happen,i have to restart the app,disconnect and reconnect(no need to rewrite my credentials)
Happen 2-3 times a day
Anotherone have this problem?European server here

Yes I have the same problem
After restart App and reconnect, it works
But the problem is, there is no information, that it doesn‘t work

Same problem at 3.5.101.

My solution: Sending “DND off” every hour to the devices. Hope that works further on. :slight_smile:

Good idea, but sadly didn’t work for me. I test it with an interval of 1 hour. Alexa is still connected but didn’t work anymore. The known response problem. The only thing which works in my environment to keep up the connection a view days is this automatic flow:

Not bullet proved but it works until Alexa is disconnected completely. Then it works again with the reconnect button at once.

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@Jamie: May I ask for a feedback about this idea, is it possible to implement such a card?

Mine keeps disconnecting too now, every day several times but I have the same problem with Homey, don’t know if that could be interfering some how.