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[APP] Arlo - Security Camera (1.5.9 - Alpha)


Formerly Netgear Arlo.

Smart Home Indoor/ Outdoor HD Security Camera


Help me buy a homey to create this and other apps on.

Current Feature List

  • Your Arlo Cameras and Bases can be added to Homey.
  • Cameras will display last motion detected (while armed)
  • Cameras will display last noise detected (while armed)
  • Cameras will display the current battery level (once determined)
  • Cameras will display whether or not they are currently charging. (pending #83)
  • Cameras will be requested to send a new Snapshot, once received it will be displayed.

Flows :


  • TBA

Actions :

  • TBA


In development


Branch Version Status Notes
Stable 0 :heavy_multiplication_x:
Beta 0 :heavy_multiplication_x:
Alpha 1.0.104 :white_check_mark: Work in progress
Master 0 :heavy_multiplication_x:


Icon Type Name Model Status


Base Station Arlo VMB3000 Released - Untested


Base Station Arlo Pro (1&2) VMB4000 Released - Tested


Base Station VMB4500 Coming Soon


Base Station Arlo Ultra VMB5000 Coming Later


Camera Arlo VMC3030 Released


Camera Arlo Pro VMC4030 Tested


Camera Arlo Pro 2 VMC4030P Released
Camera Arlo Ultra VMB5040 Coming Later


Please note that this app now only supports Homey v2.20 +

All flows available will be announced at a later date.

Its Highly recommended that you create a new Arlo user, and add the device to Homey using the new user. To ensure that you are not kicked from the Mobile app by Homey and required to re-log in.


  1. After installing, to add a new Device, click + (add) upon the devices tab select “Arlo Device”.
  2. Likely a the screen will open asking for you to log into your arlo account.
  3. The loading screen may stay for up to a minute, but once completed your arlo devices will be shown.
  4. Click on which devices you would like to add to Homey.

Possible Uses



Otherwise everything else is as advertised in the post, hit me up on Slack (@jamie) if you have any questions or issues. Items show in this post (and only this post) are confirmed to work.


  • I’ve noticed that the cameras streams can stop being updated, if this occurs please send me an error log.


  • TBA
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Profit

Alpha Testers

We are currently alpha testing the Arlo Pro 2(VMC4030P), once this is stable I expect to roll out all the Arlo Pro (VMC4030) quickly followed by the original Arlo (VMC3030). Base stations will quickly follow.

If you have any of the devices, and are looking to help test, please send me a Direct Message with the Subject “Arlo Alpha Tester Application” - Inside of it include your App store email address and all of the devices you have. (even if they are not currently listed). Finally please remind me if you have sent a donation either for this app or one of my other apps.



Hello Jamie,

I am a Arlo User (Pro Base, 1x ProCam, 3 Arlo Cams). I would be pleased to support your with feedback during your testings if you are in need of Alpha and Beta testers.


Hi Andreas,

I also want to point out that this is an alpha test - not early access to the app.

hello I would become aplha tester ,

i have
1x Arlo Pro VMC4030
1x Arlo Pro 2 VMC4030P
1x Arlo Pro Base

Thank you


Hi @alex_Tom welcome to the community

I would love to add you both as alpha testers, I am currently testing the VMC4030P.

But it is simply not possible for me to add you to the alpha program if I dont have the email address which you use to login into the app.athom.com store. Please have a read of the quoted text above and if your still interested just follow the instructions.


P.S. @Seraphim, same applies, if that wasnt clear.


No Arlo camera`s yet, but looking to my best options at this moment and Arlo seems to be a good candidate for. So gonna follow this topic/appwith a lot of intreset to see what are gonna be possible with arlo within the homey app.

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I have the following Arlos and could try to test a lot

1x Arlo basestation VMB4000
2x Arlo Pro 2 VMC4030P

1st Arlo Smarthub VMB5000
2st Arlo Ultra VMC5040
1st Arlo Doorbell
1st Arlo Chime

also a Arlo GO VML4030


Hi @Bobbzy welcome to the community.

I really cant add anyone with the email address that you use to login to the app store.

Ok, but how can I send a direct message in here to you? can’t find how :slight_smile:

@Bobbzy Click on Jamies name and then on the envelope to send a private message.



1.0.201 has been released, this is a minor release which allows non-owners accounts to be added.

If you have created another account, then you can now use it with Homey.




1.1.100 has been released and add support for the VMC4030 - That is the Arlo Pro Camera.

This means currently supported are :

Arlo Pro
Arlo Pro 2

Next will be the Arlo original.


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1.2.101 has been released it adds support for the VMC3030 - That is the Arlo (original).
It also fixes a bug where the VMC4030 icon was not being displayed correctly.

This means that currently supported are :

  • Arlo (VMC3030)
  • Arlo Pro (VMC4030)
  • Arlo Pro 2 (VMC4030P)

I have neither a VMC4030 or a VMC3030 - so please if it works, or doesnt let me know.



I don’t suppose there is anyone with a VMC3010, I believe it is similar to the VMC3030 - but with out night camera (IR) ?

Will there also be support for the Arlo Q? I’m happy to test.

The Arlo Q is a different beast, as it is both a base station and a camera - support is possible, but it will be quite difficult with out access to a device.

I could help testing a VMB3010r2.

Any chance we could see a public alpha/beta of this app soon?

It is not possible to have a public alpha, once the app is stable and working we will look at releasing a beta.