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[APP] Arlo - Security Camera (1.5.9 - Alpha)

Unless u guys want a lot of spam emails, stop showing ur email in posts!

@Baschtl - Please see the current feature set, this is an alpha build where we are testing the functionality. Things like flows will be added at a later date.

  • Your Arlo Cameras and Bases can be added to Homey.
  • Cameras will display last motion detected (while armed)
  • Cameras will display last noise detected (while armed)
  • Cameras will display the current battery level (once determined)
  • Cameras will display whether or not they are currently charging.
  • Cameras will be requested to send a new Snapshot, once received it will be displayed.

Also just as a FYI … if your arlo detects motion … it wont be possible to send an image … as it will be recording a video instead.

Just a heads up, there will be very little development in the near future as I need to return my Homey and await a replacement. (can take up to a month as I live in Australia).

Version 1.5.9

1.5.9 includes the following changes :

  • Initial support for the VMB4500

Please note if I can not get verification that devices other then the VMB4000 / VMC4030p are working along with how well/often they are working … They will be removed. This includes the VMB4500, VMB3010, VMB3500, VMC4030, VMC3030.

As in, they will be removed NEXT release.


I have a VMB3010 and five VMC3030 and they are working just fine.



I would like to be an alpha tester of the arlo app. I Have Pro 2 and regular arlo cameras.

My Mail is [mod break, removed email address for user’s safety, please send addresses in PM only]

Please be warned, after upgrading to Homey version 3, the login_credentials template when pairing, no longer works.

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Vmb4500, arlo PRO 2 and arlo. Can you add me as an alpha tester?

Email. [mod break, removed email address for user’s safety, please send addresses in PM only]

The issue with the login has been resolved in the latest 3.0 firmware from athom.


Noticed :wink: btw the noce and movement tests went without problems. Did a minor bat. test as we talked about Jamie. For some reason it flowed better then it used to both upp and down. Without ext. PSU and with it charging. Wonder why thow did you change anything or it is a effect by v3.0?

Vmb4500 Arlo + pro2 works great but when i get a snapshot its not a updated picture, its an old one.

What do you mean, ‘get a snapshot’?

Sorry, my English is not what it used to be. :wink:

When there is a motion on any of my cameras i want a pushmessage from homey With a picture of what’s triggered the motiondetection.

Hope you understand what i’m trying to say :joy:

Best regards.

Sprichst du deutsch Jens?
Jamie hat oben schon mal geschrieben. Wenn du bei Arlo einen trigger hast der aufnimmt wenn es eine Bewegung gibt kann Homey nicht gleichzeitig einen Snapshot machen.
Ich habe noch nicht versucht ob es funktioniert wenn man bei Arlo einstellt:
Motion trigger -> NUR push -> Snapshot

Motion trigger -> filmen DANN geht kein Snapshot gleichzeitig.

In english:

You can not take a trigger if the arlo is recording a video. Jamie wrote it as answer some posts before.

I would very much like to become a beta tester too. I got the VMB4000r3 hub and a HD camera.
Thanks in advance!

When motion is detected, the camera is busy recording the video. Which is why its not possible to also request that it take a snapshot for you.

I see. Is it possible to get the snapshot as soon it stopped recording?

Yes, or even use the video which was recorded in a flow.

I have Arlo ultra hub and cameras and If you want someone to test for it I would be happy to test.

Hi, a much wanted feature from my side;
Be able to toggle on/off the arlo cameras. Or toggle on/off privacy mode.
I svare the camera with multiple people and only want the camera to be able to stream when no noe is holme ; )