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[APP] Arlo - Security Camera (1.5.9 - Alpha)

@Jamie Do you think that you will release the app in a near future?

Yes, I expect to make a release in the near future.

Though I am going to warn everyone (again) already has the app installed to turn off auto updates. The next release will have less features then what you have installed.

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@Jamie that sounds good :+1: How can I get the app when you release it?

Ill likely update the first post in the thread with details.


hi. i am not the best at building my own flows, and have tried to get the resent recorded video sent to my phone but without succes. have i missunderstud what you meant by “use the video which was recorded in a flow”? or is it not possible? thanks!

So I don’t actually have a Homey at the moment, but from memory I think your talking about the flow called :

[PLACEHOLDER] A media upload has been received.”

That is not a real flow, its a placeholder for a flow that Ill be adding in the ‘near’ future.

Sorry everyone, I know that I am starting to sound like Athom :soon: … But until athom tell me about whats going on with my replacement Homey im very limited in what I can do.

I understand that you are eager, and upset that you don’t have cool new features or access to the beta. But trust me I am a lot more upset, I haven’t had a homey for 6 weeks, and even if they were to respond immediately - at the moment it would be another 4 weeks until I get a working homey.

As of today, I am still (un)patiently waiting for a Homey which works to be sent to me. So long as Homey is my main controller I will continue to develop/support my apps. The priority is to quickly finish off and publish the Arlo app before finalising an Alexa beta, then updating the group app to allow groups of devices with different capabilities then finishing off with the garadget app.

If that changes and I set up a different controller ill absolutely update these threads and find some one else to take over the maintenance of any apps I have published. (group, rainforest, feibit)

All Ill say is I am very glad to have taken the approach that I have, so that my house continues to work normally (aka stupid) when there is a catastrophic failure like no controller.

This is really sad news :frowning:

Hi Jamie, I just came across your posts and understood you have developed an App to integrate Arlo Pro into Homey. I have a Arlo Pro (VMB4000) and would love to get it into Homey. Please can you let me know how to load your App?
I am new to Homey (just got it 2 days ago) and havent found a way to load your Alpha App.

Any help welcome.
Kind Regards,

If you look at the first post, there is your answer.

Alpha Testers

We are currently alpha testing the Arlo Pro 2(VMC4030P), once this is stable I expect to roll out all the Arlo Pro (VMC4030) quickly followed by the original Arlo (VMC3030). Base stations will quickly follow.

If you have any of the devices, and are looking to help test, please send me a Direct Message with the Subject “Arlo Alpha Tester Application” - Inside of it include your App store email address and all of the devices you have. (even if they are not currently listed). Finally please remind me if you have sent a donation either for this app or one of my other apps.

@Jamie any news? Have you received your new Homey?

It has been sent, from experience it will take another 3-4 weeks

I’m new to this forum and can’t post private messages. Please Jamie, send me an message to become an alpha tester.

I use:
2 base stations:

4 VMC3030
1 VMC4030
2 VMC4030P