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[APP] Arlo - Security Camera

I cannot send DM regarding Alpha tester, can you please DM me?
I have Arlo Pro 2

@Jamie, this is my first post here at Athom and basically I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your effort. Have been following the thread for the last months and now I’m close to buy a Arlo camera setup for my home surveillance.

I’m fallen in love with the new Arlo Ultra cameras and base station. But I know that that series is not yet supported by this app. I have two questions you maybe can clear up for me:

  1. I can see that you can buy a number of premium services for your cameras (named Smart Plans) like package recognition and activity zones. How does this app work together with these services?

  2. Is there anything I can do to speed up the development and help you support even more Arlo models in the next releases?


Hey @KennethJ,

  1. I don’t know I haven’t tried the services (yet), need to put up my cameras property with power, I know i can use code to change the activity zones though.

  2. It can be really hard to write code for devices you don’t own, primary because you can test them.

There are three ways to speed up development -

a) Send me an ultra :stuck_out_tongue:

b) Several people have offered to give me access to their devices so I can test and fix any bugs which come up. And while due to time constraints I havent taken anyone up on this - its the next fastest/best way.

c) The other is to have a dedicated tester who will help to run through and find issues, not just whats happening but why. Just as useful, (and in some ways less work for me) but much slower.

I would be happy to add the ultra if I have someone to test it.

Generally i’ve been happy with the performance of the app for the arlo 4030P, but apparently there have been some issues with other versions (which I don’t own).

@jamie I cannot send DM regarding becomming a tester, can you please DM me?

I have a set of pro 3 cams and what I think is a WMB4540r2 base station.

If you have the app installed I would recommend that you don’t uninstall it.

The new way the App Store works means that apps are always 100% open the the public.

I have no interest in the complaints / bad reviews I’ll get because the app “doesn’t do everything everyone wants” while I’m testing and trying to find specific issues.

I get enough of them already from alpha testers who have been specifically warned before being given access. Even when the flows/devices are called “placeholder”.

Until I have a better way to test this my apps prior to their release to the public - All my apps are all on hold.

Fingers crossed it won’t be long


If you have downloaded this app as part of the alpha program, please ensure that you disable ‘automatic updates’ for this app.

@Jamie Cannot find how to send you a PM, but I would like to become a tester too…
Can you send me a PM?

I have 4 cams, 3 VMC3030 and 1 Arlo Baby.

Click on his avatar and walla you suprissed

Please keep in mind that new users cannot send PM’s untill they made some posts.

Ah didnt know that :thinking: never to old to learn :+1:

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I sent @Jamie a PM quite a while ago but I have not received an invite to become a alpha tester?

I have the same experience. Do I need do do anything more? I’d love to join the alpha testing programme.


Thanks for your interest, perhaps have a look at my previous message?

Hi, I don’t know if you have received my PM?

Hi Jamie,

Any update on this? Do you still don’t see a good way to publicly release your alpha/beta versions?

For this app the only way I can think of is to simplify the app remove all the functionality / support for devices and Gradually add a new feature one at time over a much longer period. Treating the “alphas” as stable releases. So back to basics :frowning:

However at the moment my Homey is on its way back to the Netherlands! It had a small fault with it and they are replacing it.(Even though it’s out of warranty). I’ve sent them the tracking number and I hope they will send the new honey to me ASAP rather then having to wait the several weeks for Mine to arrive from Australia - and then wait for the return trip.


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Hi, is it possible to become tester off this app? Sounds like the perfect app for new arlo pro2 cameraes :slight_smile:

Regards Svein R Hansen

Just bought an Arlo camera, so I donated some money to you! Hopefully we’ll see the app out of alpha stage some day! Keep up the good work :+1:

Thanks @Kjettern every donation is appreciated. PostNL tell me that my replacement Homey is ‘in transit’, from memory it took about a month last time. So I am still hoping to get it before the New Year.

Creating a simplified version of this app for ‘open testers’ will be my priority.


Just an update, Athom sent me the wrong Homey (EU rather then AU frequency). However I have been able to use it to do some more on this app. I have being trying to make the app more efficient (and failing)

As I have mention previously, what I considered acceptable for alpha testing i wouldn’t release to “everyone” due to mis aligned expectations.

So as I get time I’ll continue to increase the performance and memory useage of the app before releasing again.