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[APP] Better logic / Variable management (v1.0.4)

You need to type the variable names. Using the tags it gives the values of the tags so I dont know which ones have changed.

Thanks. Problem solved. Typing the variables was the solution. Call me stupid :crazy_face:

I added a hint in the latest version (1.0.4) that tags will not work :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to move the “delete all” button. This button is placed directly under the “add variable” button and on a phone the delete button is touched easily. Instead of adding you will delete all variables.


Which mathematical operators can be used?
Are this only +,-,/,*?
Or can logarithm and exponentiation functions also be used?

any mathjs operators will work

Just note something may have changed: I had to use {{ and }} around the expression in the “Set a variable” card.


First love this system, works very well.

I do have an issue I havent solved which is rounding to a half number.
For example I want 22.3 to be rounded to 22.5 instead of 22 or 23.

Tried some different methods but this mathjs dosent seem to support things like ceiling/ceil(number, 0.5), round10, ceil10 etc.

Is this possible today?

Try round(x*2)/2

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Thank you, worked