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[App] Blink

OK, that’s what I did. I used Indoor model when adding all of my cameras. I should have remembered that :slight_smile:

Quick test of the latest app version and it seems to be working ok now. I could not do all combinations like I did previously yet.

A side question about the new behavior of the motion alarm. I have noticed that the motion alarm is triggered and then cleared maybe 5 seconds later. Is this expected? It seems a bit quick before it is cleared. Is there a guarantee that Homey will always manage to run a flow that reacts on the motion alarm?

This is the poll interval for new videos. Every new video will trigger the motion alarm once for its camera. All flows will start. The next poll is clearing all alarms and checks for new videos.
If you want to see the alarm for a longer time, you can.use the virtual device app. Create a virtual sensor with alarm-motion capability. Then activate tis virtual sensor in your flow. It will stay active until you clear it with another flow (triggered by a virtual button).
That’s how I keep the alarm for the post box until I took the mails out.

A suggestion if you want to use the motion alarm as alsrm system.
Just use the Heimdall app.
There you can activate all cameras, activate the security in Heimdall.
Is one of the cameras triggering motion, Heimdall will inform you and keeps its alarm active until you deactivate it.

I use that with motion sensors, but it’s working with all kind of devices which such alarm capabilities.

Cool, I will be trying out different things going forward. Thank you for the great new features added to the app!

An idea for new icons and device names.
Is this clear enough? I hope the icons will guide to the correct device.


English names would be

  • Blink camera
  • Blink Mini
  • Blink SyncModule

“Blink camera” is a generic name for Indoor and Outdoor, XT versions - or in other words “all square cameras”

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