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[App] Blink

I think i found the problem! i have changed the code tonight and will test it Saturday.

FYI, I installed the test version last night and still the same problem so not sure if that was meant to have the fix in it.

Can you test the new test version? 0.3.0?

Because some changes on the side of Homey and Amazon i had to rewrite my code. It was an couple of hours work but i think this is it.

Working like a charm. Many thanks @ObelixNL

Works Fine. Many thx.

I sent the new App to Homey for verification. Once it passes the control, Homey will drop it as a Production version for everyone.

For the people who haven’t helped me yet, I would like to ask for a small donation for the free time that I put in the app and to buy a Blink camera so that I can test myself instead of being dependent on third parties.

Hi Stephan, I tried it but it doesn’t work. Paypal doesn’t know you? :flushed:
But your App works fine!!! Thanks alot!

Just click the link it worked for me.

the clean link is https://www.paypal.me/steffjenl thank you very much!


not sure if I am doing something wrong, but I wanted to switch on a lamp when a cam detects motion or trips a motion alarm. Tried it but the flow is not working…

I also see no differences between an Indoor cam or a Blink XT/XT2. All devices will be imported as Indoor cams. Not sure what the differences are and if this is maybe the reason why the the above test failed (tried with Blind XT and XT2).

Thx for some ideas.

BR, AlexD

I have quite the same problem with my XT2…
I can select motion detection of the camera in a flow but when I „make“ a motion, nothing happens…


I‘m trying to add a Blink mini, unfortunately Homey can not find a new device.
Any ideas for an solution?

Would be very nice and worth an donation…

regards Tobias

Hi there,

I still cannot get the BLINK to work.
When motion is recognized by BLINK (Blink app push message received) there is no reaction on Homey side.
All my BLINK cams are available in Homey, I can activate each cam and also activate the monitoring => Blink app shows correct reaction then.

I tried last days also with the HEIMDALL pugin. Same result. Cams are shown in the plugin, but they are not reacting on motion alarm.

Would it be possible to check this, maybe just an API topic.

Thx! Would be great to use BLINK cams motion alarm :wink:

I can confirm that the Mini is not working, unfortunately.

Username and Password are correct, when I try to add the camera, the “select your device” or whatever screen pops up for a millisecond and then the homey app says that there are no new devies to add.

Is the Mini not supported? Could it be added?


I am having two Blink hubs - one bought in the US, and the other in the Netherlands. While I can add all my cameras from each of the hubs in Homey, I have noticed that when I use a flow to “arm” the system that this only happens on the hub that I got from NL. The US hub is not affected. The same I see with activation of motion detection.

Is there a problem with 2 hubs under one account?

Yes . There is no way yet to select which blink hub to arm it will select 1 that it will make the one you can select to arm … I put it as a app request on GitHub .
No response from the dev yet but these are busy times

Suggestion, just use the motion active per camera and set up a flow for arming / disarming.
With all motion active off then it’s essentially disarmed.
I do this with my single hub as have one camera that I always want on

This is to slow when you use it for alarm purposes. It takes at least half a minute if you want to turn down 10 camera’s at once . While the arm complete is instant

Yeah, 30 seconds - I have a 3 second gap between each camera. Not sure how fast you move but I’m not out of sight of my house by the time everything turns on. It’s also the only flexible way to do it if you only want a section of cameras

Thank you for the idea to make a flow one by one. I will set it up accordingly now and hope ot will be reliable enouh.
However a solution with one command to just arm the system seems to be far more effective. If such could be built in the app in a next version would be great. Thank you for requesting that on github.

Just another question: in a flow I can turn on motion detection and activate arm/disarm.
I can also turn a camera off and on. I cannot do such in the Blink app on my phone. What does that action do for the camera?