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Short update…
Arm/disarm for all networks seems to be possible for implementation.
The more comfortable way to add each network as device will take mor time and work. But I see the benefit, especially because for BlinkMini the motion recognition cant `t be set (API endpoint unknown). So the cameras could be grouped in networks and armed/disarmed this way.

Would be great . I have 3 different houses with blink, so a arm and disarm all is “not wanted” for 3 diff locations at the same time

would be really great…

I implemented some fixes and improvements into my repository. Now it`s time to wait until ObelixNL has merged the changes into his repository and published a new version in the app store.

The changes are documented in the github pull request.

You can get an test version with the fix at Blink | Homey

Thanks RonnyW

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Hello to all Blink users…
Thanks to @ObelixNL for pulishing the new test version.

If you want to use this test/beta version, please use this link to the app store:

Here is a short list of fixes:

  • adding new camera (fixed changed account field by Blink)
  • getting snaphots (http header correction)
  • motion trigger (correction for reading video timestamt)

Other changes:

  • addes brand color for app icon
  • hide video timestamp in sensor view - it’s internal used for video timestamp comparison

And some improvements:


  • If a snapshot is requested, the camera need some time to record and publish it for the API. The app is waiting up to 10 seconds for a new snapshot. If no snapshot could be read, “invalid_image_buffer” is shows as error in the Homey app. This could occour, is the camera is recording during snapshot request of is the camera is not reachable.

Motion detection:

  • No snapshot is recorded when motion is detected. The camera is recording at this time. A snapshot is not possible and will delay the alarm.
  • If you need a snapshot, it should be created via flow (action: capture snapshot) with a delay (duration of recording). Create a second flow for flow event “a snapshot was created” to send a push message.
  • Please note:
    The snapshot will only show a moment after the video recording ended.
    The motion detection is not pushed by the camera. It’s recognized if there is a new video timestamp. So if the camera recognizes motion, it is recording the video. Based on the new video, the Homey app is raising the motion alert.
    If you record a video using the Blink app, it will trigger a motion alert in Homey based on the new video timestamp.


  • new flow actions: create snapshot, create video
  • new flow event: alarm_motion

SyncModule (called system or network):

  • On arm/disarm (app flow action), the state of all sync modules is changed.

error on adding cameras…

Yes, there is still another bug causing a error on startup. We’ll fix it and publish a new test version…

thanks i’ll try as soon as new test will be published…

Using the latest test version 1.0.8, why is the motion alarm blinkning and reporting motion as a warning with a year ago as timestamp? Same for all my cameras in Homey.