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[APP] Blueriiot - Blue Connect

Hello Fredrik

Again thank you for an amazing job with this app. I hate the fact that i cannot do this programing myself so i really want to express my appreciation for this work.

Can i contribute by sending you a small donation for your work?

Also possibly an issue worth looking into…
I logged in to [Homey Developer Tools] and saw that my username and password are in plain text for my pool. is it possible to scramble the password somehow or have it stored somewhere else?

Regards Alex

@Alexander_Nyman: Thank you for your kind words.

I do believe there is a donation link on the app store page. Donations are of cause not necessary, but on the other hand encouraging. Blueriiot Blue Connect App för Homey | Homey

I do realize there is a small security issue with storing passwords as plain text. Some day with bad weather I will try to fix this. Keep your eyes open for new versions.