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[App] Bose Devices

Yes I use the zone feature for linking st20 and st300 but I want to trigger this from the st20 (without smartphone).
Have you a trappable event to suggest ?

Well, you can do it by flowcards if all those devices are paired with this app.
You can use an action card to “Create the zone” (link those devices). Also there are trigger cards for each device which will fire when a device joins or leaves a zone. And there is a condition card which can tell you if a device is in a zone with another specific device.

I tested (Device on Spotify app) it is great! it opens up new perspectives. Thank you

I’m sorry, I think I’m not explaining myself properly.
I set the flow to create the zone there I have no worries. However I want to start this flow from the soundtouch 20 without using my iPhone.
This is why I had tried to find a key combination on the st20 that I could identify in a flow to trigger it.
So, all of this is not necessary it’s just for fun :blush:
Thanks for all

You could perhaps create a preset on ST20 with an empty playlist and then let this app start the flow “when preset A is started”

Thanks Didier, I have a solution that works.
I can detect a double key on a preset key. Thanks for the proposal

Hi there, thanks, great app and already improvements compared to the earlier one although I was happy to have that one too). I would love to use the notification functionality, something I was really looking for (playing music in the garden and alerting when somebody is at the door). I tried with local web server hosting my .mp3 but I can get it to work. So probably this is due to my devices not supporting it (Lifestyle 535, Bose wide JC and Bose Sa-4 all using the older Soundtouch adapter).

Unfortunately this Notification feature is only supported by few devices it seems. But you should get an dedicated error message when you run the flow manually from the flow editor. That message should tell you if it is not supported by the targetted device or if anything else seems to be wrong.

@DidierVU tested a “workaround” for unsupported devices. Maybe this is something you would like to try out. In the latest version I added a new feature as action card “Restore Previous Playback”. This would enable you to temporarily play something else and then resume the original playback using that action card. It does not save the volume though. Only what has been playing.

Yes indeed I get the “Meldingen worden niet ondersteund door dit apparaat/Notifications not supported for this device”. I will try the other option but didn’t yet find a way to play a specific sound on the Soundtouch?
I am also interested in the Spotify Playlist or Spotify track play option. I had it working using HTTP request flowcards but would need to find my code again. This would allow me to use my Google nest to start a track or playlist, catch it in Homey and then start same through my Soundtouch device ;-), the Atom Spotify app cannot do that as you need to have a fixed playlist in the flowcard ;-(
btw is your code on Github so I can experiment a bit wit this?

I see. Well, am not a spotify user but I think you should be able to grab the data when you connect your device with spotify using the Bose Sountouch app and then just use the native spotify app? Just a wild guess.
Unfortunately it is not possible to play a custom mp3 directly on the Soundtouch. It always has to be some linked account and a playlist or folder. I think DidierVU has a doorbell spotify playlist for the notification.

Whilst it is possible to inject a spotify playlist through Sountouch API, you still need to have the device linked to the spotify account for this to work. The whole setup would not be very user friendly I would need to implement a spotify api to get the related data for formatting the request. It is rather cryptic. So I decided not to support this in the app directly, sorry.

Also, no, the code is not public, mostly because it contains my Bose developer token which is bound to my personal account. This is required for the Notification support for reasons I found no proper explanation for at Bose. Sorry.

For toying with the apis there is a nice tool called Insomnia (https://insomnia.rest/) which I use mostly to test API interfaces. Maybe it will be helpful to you.

Great app, it finds my ST20 perfectly, but not my Soundtouch wireless link.
Is this not supported?

Hey there. Am not sure what a Soundtouch wireless link is to be honest but if that device exposes the Soundtouch api it should be supported. Maybe it just has not been detected by the network discovery. Try rebooting that device and wait a few minutes, so it has a moment to advertise its presence on the network. If this does not bring it up for pairing, send me a diagnostic report afterwards, I will check for potential problems in the logs then. Please mention your forum name in the diagnostic report so I know whom it belongs to.

Hi, sountouch wireless link, is a small soundtouch receiver you can connect to an existing amplifier.
It works (more or less) fine with the other Bose app.

Diagnostic info is limited: (or what do you mean?)
‘Keuken’ is my ST20

[ { deviceName: ‘Keuken’, deviceInfo: null, deviceSources: null } ]

Yesterday the App becomes paused. And all devices are unavailable. Any Idea why it happens?

Wow. Now that’s a steep memory peek. I don’t even know where this could possibly happen in the code. Can you please send a diagnostic report from the app menu when this happens. Also please mention your forum name if I need to get back to you with questions.
For the paused state. This can happen if the app misbehaves, as in taking too much RAM in short time or consuming too much CPU power.

Should rather look more like this: image


Possible to change the presets names?
So you can fill in what station is behind preset1?

I also have some issue’s sometimes I get a red exclamation mark and then I have to remove the SoundTouch en readd them and change all the workflows. My SoundTouch is having a fixed IP

Hi there,
if you mean renaming the Preset button in the Homey app interface, that’s not possible. The Homey app framework does not allow to do that, sorry.

For your connection problem. This is strange. I have now several reports when this happens. During testing I noticed that Soundtouch might stop advertising itself if the network connection is interrupted. Have you tried power cycling the Bose device when this happens? Also can you please send me a Diagnostic Report from the Apps menu in the Homey app when that triangle is showing. Please include your forum name in the report’s message body so I can get back to you if there are any questions.
I will try to improve this in an upcoming version.

@NXT Please also tell me the message shown when opening the triangled device in the Athom app. It will tell me at which stage the reconnect fails.

Hello everyone.
Version v1.2.0 is coming up shortly. I added a device level option to manually override the connection settings for you guys who have issues with losing connection with the device. So you can now enter a fixed IP. See FAQ for details.
However, devices will still need to be paired by auto discovery.