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[App] Chronograph - Adds precise timer, stopwatch and transition functionality to Homey

You could stop the stopwatch at the end of the day, that will give you the exact running time as well.

So, what i have to put in this area? There is no tag for the Stopwatch?

Seems to work over here, but you have to stop a stopwatch first.

Since you have to first come on it, there is something like local tags and this belongs to the Chronograph App?!?!
And that this assumes the value of the last stopped stopwatch?!?!
Where can you find this kind of informations?
The apps are all more than poorly documented!

But it works! Thanks a lot for the support!

It’s not so much “the last stopped stopwatch”, more like the stopwatch that triggered the flow when stopped.

Local tags are a feature provided by the Homey sdk to app developers. Documentation on how they work for the end-user should come from Athom first. I can only add documentation on what tokens or tags the app provides.

I think this workaround will do the trick! Great, I am looking forward to retire Countdown-app.

If I start a timer can I use the output of the timer as a variable?
I want to count the time I have had a power failure at home and display the time.
Like when I get a power failure I want to start a timer and when the power is back I stop the timer and display the time that power was out. I’m using my ups to do this, homey will remain powered during the failure.

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You should use a stopwatch for that. And yes, the duration of a stopwatch is made available in a token after you pause or stop it.

@BobKersten very nice that the math expressions have passed onto the stable release that fast! I will be working my ass off to replace all the timers from the countdown app with these :slight_smile: and have countdown retire for good! I have one more possible addition to the app. Would it be an option to have the possibility to add a timer to a group when creating it? That way you can ‘stop all timers from group xyz’. Now you have to specify all timers you want to stop or stop all timers (which loses some control if you want a couple to be able to continue). Would like to know what you think of this!

Would wildcards work for you; like Stop timer “downstairs_*” which would stop all timers with a name that starts with “downstairs_”. I’m reluctant to create a new set of cards that probably only (dare I say it) pro-users would use. Instead, this feature would just blend in with the existing cards.


That is an awesome solution! I will keep this possible functionality in mind when setting everything up, so for me that will be the same as groups :slight_smile: Really happy with the app and your support and active development!

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Beta version 1.0.8 has been made available in the app store and contains the wildcard solution!

Great :ok_hand:t3: Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Just wondering: how much recourses does the app use (or does each timer use)? Or is that impossible to say?

Hi All

I just installed this app, to get timers working better again.
I figured out how to get the timer which started to be picked up in a card (I didn’t see any tag created)
However, how do the transitions work. for that (I would like to sue the value created by the transition) to be used. I guess that is how it should work but I’m sure I’m missing something (notice I say that it is me ;))

Can anyone help me?

This how I use the transition value in my flows (Transition has reached a step value). The step value is made available in a tag and can be used to set the dim value.

how do you get the tag “transition value”?
I don’t get that tag anywhere in the list

You would get it whenever you add the When card. It’s not a global token.

that meas I still have to start the transition somewhere right? :o

Just noted an interesting behaviour on the settings page. If you add a timer with a run time of 62 mins it will show 01:02:00:00 and count down from there over the next minute. However, as soon as time reaches 01:01:00:00, remaining time will be shown as 01:59:00 (59 = seconds) and count down to 01:00:00 over the next minute. After that the time left will show as 59:59:00 (59:59 in format min:sec) and count down for the hour.
The countdown will thus run for the expected 62 mins, however, the display does not match time left.

Yup, I was able to reproduce that bug. It will be fixed in the next release. Fortunately, it doesn’t prevent the timers from working properly :wink: