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This app allows you to connect your homey with your deCONZ gateway (ConBee, Conbee II or Phoscon gateway) and use all its attached devices such as lights, switches and all kinds of sensors. This allows you do either reuse your existing deCONZ setup with homey or can be for devices that cannot be added to the homey directly such as the Aqara water sensor.

Get it over here!


Setup Instructions

  • Go to the deCONZ/Phoscon webinterface → settings → gateway → advanced and click on ‘authenticate app’
  • In Homey, go to the configurationof this app
  • Click on ‘Discover & Authenticate’ and let the magic happen!

Device Instructions

  • Ensure that your device is connected with your deCONZ gateway
  • Add the device in homey.
    Note: there are specific drivers and generic drivers. If your device is listed explicitly use that driver or use the generic driver (and request device support!)

Change Log


  • Generic support for thermostats
  • Support new action card to simulate incoming messages
  • Throttling for symfonisk rotation events (among other improvements)
  • Fixed a bug that would not correctly check for deConz updates
  • Support new hue dimmer switch model
  • Support hue smart button


  • Support for Ikea shortcut button
  • Support for Develco/Frient air quality sensor & humidity sensor
  • Aqara vibration sensor improvements
  • Improved generic sensors capability handling
  • Support for Bitron thermostat
  • Display correct backup date


  • Lights & groups now have a flow card to set multiple commands at once
  • Lights now have flash action cards too
  • Support heiman/silvercrest motion sensor


  • Improved iOS compatibility


  • Create DeConz backups and store them on your homey
  • Reduced app size


  • Support for Develco/Frient smoke sensor


  • Experimental support for Lidl/Silvercrest christmas strip


  • Generic support for sirens
  • Fix that some devices power state was shown incorrectly


  • Support newer Sonoff models


  • Support for new Sonoff devices
  • Supports newer revisions for a bunch of devices


  • Improved generic switch driver


  • Check for DeConz & Deconz Docker image updates
  • Auto repair of the connection (if you do not have set a static ip)
  • Send usage data if you allow it
  • Setting to adjust or disable the polling
  • Improved color handling for lights
  • Support Jung 4-gang switch


  • New repair mode that is better integrated into the homey environment
  • Fancy UI
  • Improved repair mode
  • Fixed a bug that could cause app crashes when using certain power-plugs
  • Small fixes and optimizations


  • Small fixes and optimizations


  • Maintenance actions to update or repair a device


  • Fix for the ‘recal a scene’ flow card


  • Flow card that notifies when a device becomes reachable/unreachable
  • Show last updated/seen date in the device infos


  • Support for Aqare Opple switches, support Aqara D1 Wireless Remote Switch (single & double rocker)
  • Support for new Aqara water leakage sensor
  • App configuration has a dedicated button to request an api key


  • Experimental xy color mode for lights and groups


  • Improved settings page, all setup connections are now performed by homey directly
  • Improved motion sensor behavior


  • Improved connection setup, ability to test the connection, display gateway details, support page
  • Setting ignore when a device becomes unreachable
  • Show more device details


  • Support Zipato water leakage sensor
  • Basic support for a bunch of Aqara wall switches
  • Revert Tradfri Square dimmer changes


  • Support Tint (Müller Licht) rgbw remote
  • Support Aqara relay
  • New flow card to flash groups, set relative brightness/color temperature natively including transition times


  • support new Tradfri square dimmer model


  • Open/Close and water sensor now support an “invert alarm feature”
  • Devices that support it now feature tamper detection
  • Improved startup behaviour
  • Support Heiman fire, smoke and co sensor
  • Improved motion sensor handling
  • Support develco motion & water leakage sensor
  • Scene recall action card → as every scene has a group as parent you need to choose the group and then you should see the action card
  • Support for sonoff basic zbr3


  • Support tripple press for Symfonisk controller
  • Fixed a bug that caused secondary no motion triggers to be fired too often


  • Support for Tradfri-, Aqara- and Mi smart plugs/sockets
  • Improved the generic smart plug driver with support for current, consumption and voltage


  • Improved support for the Trust ZyCZ-202 switch


  • Support quadrupple presses for the Aqara button
  • fixed a bug that caused groups to remain unavailable when the connection was interrupted (might take up to 15 minutes)


  • support for the Philips Hue Tap switch
  • support for the Trust smoke sensor switch ZSDR-850
  • cleaned up some old code of the Ikea Symfonisk controller and the Ikea dimmer switch
  • new action card to automatically check and update if the ip address of the gateway has changed


  • new action card to update all devices manually (note: this already happens automatically every 15 minutes in the background)
  • calibration for temperature, humidity and pressure sensors
  • fixed a bug that caused some troubles with certain lights and groups


  • hardware settings for the hue motion sensors such as sensitivity and led indication
  • all motion sensors now contain a configurable secondary no motion event
  • deprecated redundant flow cards for mi/aqara motion sensors
  • all devices now show some details


  • fixed a small bug related to the Mi button that could crash the app


  • support for Trust ZPIR 8000
  • support for Trust ZCTS-808
  • support for Trust ZYCT-202
  • support for Xiaomi Mi light sensor
  • support for Philips Hue outdoor motion sensor
  • support for Feller EDIZIO Due


  • fix for crashing lights


  • improved configuration & setup
  • smaller fixes


  • improved support for the Aqara cube (more capabilities, support for relative rotation, improved triggers)
  • smaller fixes


  • initial release based on the original app by fantomnotabene
  • fit for the store certification: added images, descriptions etc.
  • dropped all switch events and replaced them by a generic trigger flow card that is more flexible (you now get more event details as tags and some more options like ‘any button’ or ‘any action’ happened)
  • added a generic switch in device that can be used it there is no specific driver for a switch yet
  • fixed a bug where the symfonisk controller rotation directions where wrong and added a battery capability
  • added support for aqara single rocker switches (2016 & 2018)
  • fixed a bug where initial states were not applied
  • poll every 15 minutes the states for all devices. This is necessary to update values that are either not sent via socket messages or are not updated for a long period of time (i.e battery for newly added devices)
  • improved insights for the viration sensor
  • added a setting for the vibration sensors to directly apply the sensitivity of the sensor
  • added support for tradfri signal repeaters (usefully to see if they are sill reachable or not)
  • lots of smaller improvements and fixes, lots of rewrites

Hi! I found this addon allready in the appstore…

Currently, I’m using this one: https://github.com/fantomnotabene/HomeyCONZ

Is there a way to migrate my devices and flows to this new app?

Hey @Marcel_Visser

Unfortunately this is not possible as there is quiet a lot that has changed. But it is guaranteed that further updates do not break your installation. Regard this app as an entirely different app than the previous one that is not in the store

Allright thanks!

In that case, it’s a one time lot of work… But I think it’s worth it👍

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Allright. In 21 minutes, I added all of my 70 zigbee devices to the new app. :+1:

Now… Fixing all my flows…

I think it will take a bit more time than 21 minutes… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hope it’s worth it!

Hmmmm, the app keeps crashing! I’m not able to control any single light bulb :confused:

So, something is going wrong… Any idea what to do?

I will try to make a bug report…

EDIT: When I restart the app, and I’m trying to turn on a bulb the app crashes immediately.

And than the message accours: driver_unavailible. Any idea?

Motion and contact sensors are working fine… (before the app is crashing)

EDIT2: I started the app using CLI using “Athom app run” and this is what I’m getting as soon as I’m trying to turn on a bulb or power socket. Before that everything looks fine:

callback(null, data)

TypeError: callback is not a function
at IncomingMessage. (/nbhttp.js:88:4)
at IncomingMessage.emit (events.js:323:22)
at endReadableNT (_stream_readable.js:1204:12)
at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:84:21)

— INFO: de.dresden-elektronik.deconz has been killed —

Uff, to bad sorry!

But I’ve got you, I found the bug and fixed it, and update for the app already has been submitted. If you are in an urge, the latest version in my repo also contains the fix.

Hope that resolves your problem
Edit: you might also install it directly from here: https://homey.app/de-ch/app/de.dresden-elektronik.deconz/deCONZ/test/

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Great! Thanks for the quick fix! Working fine! :+1::grinning:

Glad it works! :wink:

I can’t seem to add my devices in Homey which are available in de deCONZ interface. When I search for my motion sensor or temperature/humidity sensor, it times out.

The devices are connected to deCONZ, and I can see them in a HomeAssistant interface working as well. I would love to have them working in Homey, any clues on how to solve this?

Can you please check the following:

  • do you have the latest deconz installed?
  • in the homey app, go to the configuration, click “show advanced” and verify that all entries are correct
  • ensure that homey can access your deconz
  • if all that does not work, try to call this in the browser: http://[ip adress]:[port]/api/[access token]/ -> does this give a response?
  • Yes, I am running latest version of deCONZ (in HomeAssistant) 5.3.2
  • In the Homey app, the entries are correct
  • How do I test this? (it was able to find the deCONZ host by using discover)
  • In my browser and in Postman, I get normal response on the suggested call.

I found that v1.3.1 of the Homey app solved it. (That one would only install after 3 tries, no idea why). Thanks!

If I select discover and authenticate, DeConz on my Home Assistant platform is recognised. When trying to add the devices I have in DeConz, I find none and am required to configure the App settings.

The IP shown in the configuration page is not the one I would expect.

What am I doing wrong?

Running v1. 3.0

Not entering the correct IP address on the configuration page?

This was solved when I installed v1.3.1

Just to be sure, where can I download the latest version for a CLI?
(here I see 1.3.0 only)

Thank you!

Not sure what you are asking Robert

In HA and the DeConz setting I start “authenticate app”.
In Homey DeConz configuration the discover and authenticate returns with “succesfully authenticated gateway”. But when I look at the IP in advanced setting, I do not see the IP adres of my HA install. A ‘whois’ shows a adres in California…

And you can’t change the IP-address to the one of your HA install? When you open https://phoscon.de/discover in a regular browser, what do you get back?