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Here my Symfonisk is not working either even Play / Pause not working as simple button.

@MadMonkey Thanks for the updates, the tilt alarm does not trigger by itself any more!

I did notice that the Vibration Alarm time still gets reset every 15m somehow (e.g. it will show “6 minutes ago” instead of “2 hours ago”), which makes it hard to see when something last moved? Was that supposed to be fixed as well?

BTW: This also seems to be the case with the Aqara door sensor, it resets every 15m instead of showing the last time it was activated (but it does display the orange alarm indicator when opened).

Please note that there is a conflict between athom and the developer of this application as athom actively demands implementation of features they want to have and otherwise wont publish the app in their store. as this software was developed in no relation to athom and as the developer isn’t a paid contractor or in a similar relation to athom this cannot be accepted. the developement and the support of this application is herby terminated until further notice.


So what does this mean, can’t it in the present version? Is there another way to get updates?
Isnt it very strange of athom, this attitude? Can we, the users, help to get some pressure to athom?

@MadMonkey Sorry to hear about that, I think Athom should value the community app devs a lot more, since they are IMO essential to their sales! After I hit the limit of the old CC2530 Zigbee chip in Homey using great community apps like Aqara and Tuya Zigbee with 50+ devices, your HomeyCONZ app was a life saver for me when I switched to a Conbee II. So please know that your voluntary work is appreciated very much! :+1:


Please publish your app in the community store, no involvement of athom there. You can pull it from the normal store then.


Let’s release it I the community store!

This app is my number 1 !


Yes it is, without it i can play football with the homey

is’nt it already?

Just for an old version that is.

Sounds good

I will switch off my two Homeys immediately and switch to Home Assistant. Also, I will not write any more posts or replies in the forum.

This is my very personal protest, what is being done with @MadMonkey

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Iam guessing that he told you the exact story.

Point taken, but wil it help?? i don’t think so

What is ‘being done’ exactly?

I sincerely hope this can be worked out!
In the mean time: does anyone have some more background, or know if/how we can help out?

it keeps being very quiet around this subject :smirk:


I recently bought the new Hue Dimmer switch. Is there any way to get it running with deCONZ and Homey? :grinning:


Yes You can ad it first to deConz and install the app deConz. search and find!!